Friday, July 20, 2018

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Central Avenue-All That Jazz,Blues and Latin Jazz

Los Angeles-The 17th Annual Central Avenue Jazz Festival was held on Saturday,July 28th and Sunday,July 29th,2012 on Central Avenue and 42nd Street,outside of the historic Dunbar Hotel.

Los Angeles City Councilwomen Jan Perry,9th District,welcomed a diverse crowd of several thousand jazz fans.The festival celebrates the bygone days of the once vibrant Central Avenue during the 1920's-1950's.Many jazz and blues luminaries performed and/or stayed on Central Avenue while touring on the West Coast.

For the past several years,the... Read More

Chillin' at the Museum of Latin American Art

Long Beach-Southern California is a very diverse melting pot of people from all over the world.We also have a large Latin community that consist of people from Central and North America,South America and the Caribbean.

Various cultures gathered at the Museum of Latin American Art for the 2nd Annual Latino Festival.The event was held on Sunday,July 15th,in the Robert Gumbier Sculpture Garden.

We were fortunate once again to be outdoors,enjoying beautiful Southern California weather with some tropical breezes.The music festival... Read More

Smokin' Good Time at Long Beach Bayou Festival

Long Beach-On June 23 & 24,2012, the long awaited Long Beach Bayou Festival and Mardi Gras Celebration was held at the Rainbow Lagoon.A huge turnout of people from all over California and surrounding states converged into Long Beach to enjoy and partake in Louisiana culture(food,music and dance),and a Mardi Gras Parade.

Festival goers were able to enjoy some mouthwatering cuisine of Louisiana.They also had the pleasure of dancing off the extra calories with the assistance of the various Cajun and Zydeco dance lessons.The treats... Read More

Dia de San Juan in Long Beach

Long Beach-A huge celebration was held in Long Beach at the Queen Mary Events Park.Dia de San Juan is a celebration of people who come from the enchanted island of Puerto Rico.The festivities was held on Father's Day,Sunday,June 17,2012.

The 17th Annual Dia de San Juan presented an array of vocalists and bands sharing the spicy sounds of salsa,merengue and bachata.Fiestalegre Promotions Inc.,held its 17th Annual Dia de San Juan,a cultural extravaganza to showcase the best of Puerto Rican culture in Southern California.People traveled from all over... Read More

Long Beach Bayou Festival Celebrates New Orleans & Mardi Gras

Long Beach-Rainbow Lagoon will be the setting,as attendees step into the party atmosphere of New Orleans and Louisiana for the 26th Annual Long Beach Bayou Festival,on Saturday,June 23 and Sunday,June 24,2012.The event hours are Saturday,11:00am-9:30pm,and Sunday,11:00am-8:30pm.

Long time attendees and new comers will be greeted with sounds coming from two stages featuring blues,Cajun and Zydeco music.There will be continuous dancing on the large covered wooden dance floor.Bring your dance shoes.Free quick and... Read More

African-American Music Appreciation Month Celebration in Los Angeles

Los Angeles-Former President Jimmy Carter issued a Proclamation declaring June as Black Music Month in 1979.June 2009,President Barack Obama renamed it African-American Music Appreciation Month.

On June 1st,2012,President Barack Obama proclaimed June 2012 as African-American Music Appreciation Month."As a long piece of American culture,music offers a vibrant soundtrack to the story of our people and our Union.At times,when words alone could not bring us together,we have found in melodies and choruses the universal... Read More

By Kim

There was perfect weather and absolute joy to be found at the celebrated venue, "Jazz at the A Frame" in the Hollywood Hills of Los Angeles, CA. on Sunday, May 26, 2012.

The Kenny Tres Posh Trio captivated the audience with a set of Standards, Swing, Straight Ahead, Be-Bop, tinge of Latin, and more. The kind of music which evokes a basking in a pleasure that captures your heart and soul.

Legendary Drummer Kenny Dennis began the first set with a grooving rendition of "Invitation" that included a nice trade of 4's between Kenny and Llew then Kenny and Hamilton followed by... Read More

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