Wednesday, June 20, 2018

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When we talk about the sexual attractions and love the hormone that plays a most important role is a pheromone. The concepts of hormones, pheromones, and love are closely interrelated. Normally, the theory of opposites attract is really common, and it is really true. We feel attracted towards people who are dissimilar to our genetic making. Sometimes you feel attracted to a certain person you have just met, this is because of the chemical signals that takes place in your body. These hormones have a great role in our likeness and unlikeness.

Scientific facts approving the attraction

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Are you dreaming of having hair that enhances your look? Real hair extension can fulfill your dream, and you can get a hairstyle of your choice. With real hair extensions, you can get a whole new look and style; these are significant to add instant volume, length, and thickness to your existing hair.

Two types of hair extension are available, real hair extensions and synthetic hair extensions. Real hair extensions are natural human hairs, and these are most preferred by the people because they give a style, look and feel to the individuals. Synthetic hair extensions are human made hair.

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LulaRoe blends comfort and fashion, but one specific garment is becoming a staple wardrobe piece for woman all over the world and it’s the LuLaRoe Irma. When you see what this item can do you will understand the craze! You will definitely want one of these (or several in different colors/patterns).

At first glance, the Irma is a loose fitting, tunic style top high-low top with mid-length sleeves. and the hemline is a high-low. This is when the front is shorter, slanting diagonally at the sides and longer at the back. The length of the LuLaRoe Irma is long enough to cover the tummy area... Read More

Are you a Catholic or a Christian? Perhaps you are a firm believer in the Christian faith? Do you believe in God and in Jesus Christ?

If so, you'd better grab the crucifix jewelry. To date, there are many types of this type of jewelry. One of which is the famous cross pendant that can be used along with any desired chain. The second of which would be cross earrings. These are usually the ones that hang on the ones you can use on each occasion.

Other crucifix jewels that you would like to have are the rings of the cross. In order to cater to the younger generations there are even... Read More

Those with wavy hair or curly hair sometimes look forward to the sleek and perfect look of the shiny straight hair. With a hair straightening brush, one can easily rock the desired straight hair look. There is a variety of hair straightening brush in the market, which are of different brands and models and designs as well. Many of us get confused with which hair straightening brush to use. Worry no more, because you will definitely get the answer to your query as the article proceeds. This article will take a look at how should you choose the right hair straightening brush.

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Being perfect isn’t about its price but also about its comfort.From platinum to gold and to diamond, the hallmark of a perfect wedding ring is comfort and class. Finding the perfect wedding ring could come with a lot of fuss if certain tips aren’t considered. Here are some tips for finding the perfect wedding with which you can rock the next few decades:

1.Conduct a survey.

Asking questions about the prices of rings and how durable certain metals are will go a long way in reducing the stress of finding that perfect ring. Ask your friends, parents, colleagues and even the stranger... Read More

What are you planning for your lovers’ birthday? Well, on this special day, just pick a fantastic ring out of Promise Rings for Men collection and gift it to him. The ring wouldn’t just look awesome on his finger but also denote a promise to love him forever.

Many a times we want to express our feelings, emotions and thoughts but we fail to. If you too are brimming with so many unsaid words, then just grab Promise Rings for your special one and let the ring say it all. Thetrend of these rings has been very popular because of their uniqueness and value.

Embrace cheap men’s promise... Read More

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