Tuesday, November 20, 2018

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Home, as the saying goes, is where the heart is. How you design and decorate your home is up to you, and there are many different ways to make your living place comfortable, livable, and spirited. Decorative items, furniture, and wallpaper all play a large role in giving a room personality and character. However, fabrics are also an important part of home design, and can be used to add beautiful finishing touches or featured as central focal points.

Selecting a Fabric

When it comes to interior decorating, the options for decorating with fabrics are nearly endless. There are many... Read More

23rd November 2013: People these days have a penchant to reflect their personality and unique tastes and preferences in their furniture items, and it is often not easy to find one that can strike the right cord. Studio@55 is a perfect place that can win your heart with its varied quality furniture which can be defined as a perfect blend of style and utility. Brainchild of Mr. Vinay Saraff and Ms. Pramila Agarwal, the store is located in the heart of the city at ‘Harish Mukherjee Road’ and has created products that combine cutting-edge design with a profound ethical awareness. The store was... Read More

These wire-rimmed framed glasses that were originally made for fighter pilots of the 1930s and 40s have crossed all imaginable fashion lines. They’re practical for both men and women, while easy to sport in summer and winter seasons, and can be worn with a variety of apparel options and outfits. If you’re considering a new pair of sunglasses, opt for these classic and crazy-stylish possibilities.

Attention all single men! When looking for a sure-fire way to attract the ladies, start sporting aviator shades. In the spring and summer, nothing will look better with jeans, a basic black... Read More

Plastic surgery has been popular for many years. Doctors actually started doing this type of surgery for accident victims as well as to help those with certain skin diseases. However, it wasn't long after when the doctors decided to get creative with their skills and patients decided to get creative with the look of their body's. This is where cosmetic surgery has come into play. Many people are now unhappy with their body. They visit a cosmetic surgeon to get Botox or a comprehensive overview of breast augmentation. Once they get something like this done, they feel more confident about themselves... Read More

Lips have delicate skin which is ineffective to produce natural oils. This makes our lips more prone to get dry. As the Halloween day approaches, this marks the start of winter. Dry lips, chapped lips, cracked pout are some common issues amongst most people in winter. You need to take proper care of your lips to protect it from getting dry. If you prevent dry lips then you need not have to worry about chapped, cracked lips.

Chapped & Cracked Lips:

The chapped and cracked lips describe dryness of your pout. Extreme cold weather, certain medications and excessive licking of... Read More

Overview on Skin Whitening Pills:

The skin bleaching pills are safe if you want to make your skin whiter. If you wish to make your skin even you can deal this issue without any side effects. Let us now expose the truth about the safety of the pills.

These pills are safe to take provided you believe your dermatologist. This helps to drift apart the dark spots, acne, freckles and age spots on your skin. This helps to get rid of all the discoloration of your skin and make it even. This helps to reduce the bumpiness of your skin without affecting the tone. It fights the uneven tone... Read More

Are you wondering how to get those luscious eyelashes? Batting the lashes to meet the cutie range can be achieved by exploring the eyelash extensions, enhancers beyond the mascara and lash curlers. They say beauty can be achieved with prove painful and expensive. In this article we're going to explore about the pros and cons of some of the eyelash enhancing options.

Lash tints:

If you wish to get the darker lashes you can look for the eyelash tinting. You can buy a home eyelash kit and apply on your own. You also have the option to visit the salon and get the tinting done with... Read More

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