Sunday, November 18, 2018

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Shopping is an activity admired by everyone irrespective of their gender and age. Women go a long way in making their shopping list. For men, they take immense care in selecting two accessories; their wallet and shoes. These days hidden pocket wallets for men are super popular and available over the internet.

Hidden Pocket Wallet

This kind of wallet is a slim fit wallet and it goes well with any trendy outfit. It is slimmer than the typical man’s billfold. It can carry all the essentials such as credit cards, a driver’s license, fuel cards, ID’s and cash. This sleek wallet can... Read More

A suit says a lot about the person wearing it. Usually, the younger generation today does not give them much preference in their wardrobes. Many people feel that suits are too formal and tend to avoid wearing them. However, wearing a suit can get a lot of positive results for men of all ages, whether they are at work or leisure. From black pinstripe suits, modern navy suits to a perfect wedding suit, men have a great variety of affordable suits to choose from!

Let us take a look at some places where wearing a suit can be appropriate for men:

Job Interviews- By rule, a suit is the... Read More

“There is always a sign of liveliness and a positive attitude towards life shown in the ad campaigns of the Clarks. It reflects the freshness of thoughts that dwells in the minds of company.”

C&J Clark is a privately owned shoe business in Somerset, England. It was founded by Quakers (members of a religious society in Britain) in 1825. In the beginning, they used to make the shoe products principally rugs and slippers from the skin of sheep. By 1860’s, Clarks started making hundreds of thousand pairs of shoes. Till the end of 2012, the global business turnover of the company reached... Read More

Do you carry your wallet everywhere? Most people do. A wallet can be quite a cumbersome accessory to carry around, but we just can’t do without one! A wallet is used to store your money, credit cards, pictures, receipts and a lot of other stuff that are essential to have at all times. With time, however, wallets begin to wear out and over-stuffing makes them look bulky and even causes them to lose their shape.

For sports enthusiasts, it can be a pain to carry a big wallet. Sports apparel is meant to be well-fit for comfort and performance. Carrying a bulky wallet can be inconvenient... Read More

Aging can affect us all eventually but wrong skin care can cause early skin aging, so try to perform all you can to prevent these unpleasant lines and wrinkles by arming yourself with knowledge as well as wrinkle enemy components. Below are great tips which can make a difference in preventing and also fighting lines and wrinkles so begin as quickly as possible as prevention is always easier!

Dealing with lines and wrinkles is absolutely not easy, as they will eventually affect the skin, but the age these lines and wrinkles appear definitely matters. Wrong skin care and also poor epidermis... Read More

Home, as the saying goes, is where the heart is. How you design and decorate your home is up to you, and there are many different ways to make your living place comfortable, livable, and spirited. Decorative items, furniture, and wallpaper all play a large role in giving a room personality and character. However, fabrics are also an important part of home design, and can be used to add beautiful finishing touches or featured as central focal points.

Selecting a Fabric

When it comes to interior decorating, the options for decorating with fabrics are nearly endless. There are many... Read More

23rd November 2013: People these days have a penchant to reflect their personality and unique tastes and preferences in their furniture items, and it is often not easy to find one that can strike the right cord. Studio@55 is a perfect place that can win your heart with its varied quality furniture which can be defined as a perfect blend of style and utility. Brainchild of Mr. Vinay Saraff and Ms. Pramila Agarwal, the store is located in the heart of the city at ‘Harish Mukherjee Road’ and has created products that combine cutting-edge design with a profound ethical awareness. The store was... Read More

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