Thursday, July 19, 2018

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There's no shortage of trendy clothes for standard size women and an increasing number of options for plus size women. But what do you do if you're stuck between sizes? Those in-between sizes are distinctly absent on the racks of most popular retailers and it's almost impossible to show off your newfound shape in the all too generous shapes found in the plus sized shops.

So what are your options? How do you avoid clothes that are either too shabby or snug? The following tips will help relieve your burden and liberate your inner goddess.

Don't feel bad

Women are plagued... Read More

Two popular trends in denim this season are causing a near revolution: the comfort revolution. That's right, ladies, off with those skinny jeans you have to paint on and peel off. This season, you get to breathe again. Enter, the boyfriend jeans and the bootcut jeans. These two trends are taking over the fashion industry, much to the relief of almost everyone. But picking the right fit is important to pulling off the look, and knowing what to pair the jeans with can be helpful, as well. Below, you'll find helpful information on how to choose the right fit and craft a great style with two of... Read More

Though jewellery for pierced ears still remains the most dominant for earring sales on the jewellery market, there are still numerous women who would prefer to wear jewellery on their earlobes without the painful process of piercing. For these women, clip on earrings are the ideal solution.

Clip on earrings can portray the same glamorous allure of pierced earrings without placing holes in one’s earlobes. These earrings securely attach to the lobe of the ear with a tiny clipping device, often made from the same materials as the pierced earring varieties.

Clip ons are a practical... Read More

Queenie Australia now offers affordable formal dresses with free custom size and color service. They are accepting custom orders for white formal dresses, cheap formal dresses and other dress varieties available in their store.

“We are offering free consultations on custom sizes and color of formal dresses. You can let us know about your custom requirement regarding size, fit or color for white or any other variety of formal dresses’, says a fashion expert of Queenie Australia.

If a customer cannot find a suitable match for color and body size at the online store, at that... Read More

All men who desire to tread on the path of elegant dressing, would agree that it all begins with a fine suit. Hardly would a man dressed in a high-quality, well-fitted suit ever feel out of the place at a formal event. A bespoke formal suit adds power and panache to a man’s character.

Business suits find a place in almost every executive's wardrobe. Wearing a formal suit at business events lends an air of professionalism and confidence to the person wearing them. Pinstripe suits for men are an ideal choice for men in the corporate world. For formal dressing at work men prefer black or... Read More

If in the morning the mirror displays your most awful look after a long night, ensure you get more information on the fast remedies for tired eyes. These teach you tips to get back your spotless complexion and appear refreshing every time you had to attend an all night party or even had to complete a serious project as well as sleeping was the last thing in your thoughts. All these homemade quick remedies will show you using some common components as well as add them into your everyday skin care regimen.

In order to fight the unpleasant look of puffy eyes it would be wise to have all... Read More

Youth is having a bit of a moment in Italy these days, thanks in part to the country’s new 39-year-old prime minister-designate, the youngest ever. For years, there was talk of the need for new blood and the new generation, and then it finally arrived, albeit not quite in the way everyone anticipated. Pointedly, much the same discussion has been under way in fashion for seasons now, thanks to an industry so dominated by major brands there’s very little room for new names to grow. Except that in Italian fashion, unlike in Italian politics, the establishment seems to be making something... Read More

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