Friday, January 19, 2018

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This is the time for ‘themed marriage’, where the would-be bride and groom think of a particular wedding style and each aspects of wedding are arranged according to the style of wedding chosen. Purple-themed wedding ceremonies can add a royal flavour to your wedding, even when you are arranging you party on a tight budget. Such a wedding motif might range from being feminine and chic to something classical. Think of adding various tinges of purple on the invitations, as well as on the cakes, flower and the like. As you do, do not forget the bridesmaids’ dresses. Should you want to have an idea... Read More

In recent years hiring a Photo Booth in wedding parties or any other occasions has become a trend. They bring a long lasting entertainment, as well as keep the memory of your big day forever. It gives a long lasting recollection of the enjoyment of that special day. If you search the meaning of ‘booth’, the Oxford Dictionary defines-“it is a small temporary structure or tent at a fair, market or exhibition which is used for selling goods, staging shows or providing information” or “it is an enclosed compartment which allows privacy, as an example when voting, telephoning or sitting in any... Read More

Men who wear well-tailored suits present themselves in the best light in terms of fashion… without even making a conscious effort! Nevertheless, the younger generation doesn’t really prefer wearing suits as this is considered formal attire. However, a fine-tailored suit can work wonders for a man whether he wears it at work or at leisure!

Whether one opts to wear a bespoke suit in black, a gray pinstripe suit, a modern navy suit or a perfect wedding suit; the garment adds an enchanting elegance to a man’s persona. Let’s list a few occasions in which wearing a suit is one of the best... Read More

Predicting the major trends in interior design for 2015 is actually not a very difficult proposal, if you know the right people. There is a wealth of design trade shows which are frequented by the industries leading brands and designers which give a fore-gleam of what will dominate the interior design industry in the coming seasons. Brands use these trade shows to release new ranges and products, and designers take this opportunity to craft new ideas and themes. To save you having to traverse the globe to attend these events here is a taster of some of the most prominent themes from some of... Read More

She has always taken beautiful portraits for the cover of her monthly publication.

But for the November issue of O, The Oprah Magazine, Winfrey revved it up by showing off a little cleavage in a lacy black-and-beige tank top under a slick white suit.

And it must be no coincidence that the issue is dedicated to gratitude. The 60-year-old former talk show host even talked about how grateful she is for all that she has.

'I wake up every morning and the first sentence that comes through my brain is, "thank you,"' the OWN network boss said in the magazine's interview.

Image... Read More

Pursuing beauty is the instinct of human beings, in the same time, it also shows one of human’s ability. When these beauty products are shown to people’s eyes, undoubtedly they are attracted by them. We can take these nail art supplies as an example. Many years ago, this kind of beauty activity was not popular and just accepted by some people, but now it is becoming one of indispensable beauty trend for girls and women.

There is no doubt that a variety of nail art salon springing up in the world. And more and more girls and women would like to manicure their nails in this salon service,... Read More

Rewind 4 months and you might remember wearing your favourite jumper that was something you bought last season because it eloquently summed up the trend in one piece. Browsing through your favourite high-street shops, you suddenly notice the change of colours in view, a contrast to the jazzy colours you are wearing. What shines bright are the pale palettes of colours perfectly lined up with other perfectly complementary colours. What should you buy, what do you need to throw out? Clothes influenced by key designers from London to Paris to New York runways set the stage to compete to have others... Read More

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