Saturday, October 21, 2017

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It is believed that a perfectly draped saree can change your look within moments and make your presence stunning on any occasion or gathering. Apart from this there are also another handful of reasons that make the saree so popular amongst women, not only in the country but also beyond. One of the major reasons include, the fact that, sarees are for one and for all. Women belonging to any body structure and shape can look beautiful wearing a saree. It is a fact that there is a saree o suit every figure and accentuates its plusses. You will find a wide selection of beautiful sarees for every... Read More

There often seems to be a lot of blog posts and articles written about “how-to…” regarding dressed up men’s fashion but there seems to be less information (from what I have found anyway) about men’s urban wear and street wear. Perhaps this is because men can just throw on a pair of jeans and a t-shirt and walk out the door ready to face the day, and whilst nobody wants to over-complicate the matter surely there is a little more to it than that?!

And let’s face it, not all guys are super confident when it comes to getting dressed and there may well be dudes out there who are not sure... Read More

Christine Bleakley is finally set to become Mrs Lampard as she marries her partner, former Chelsea star Frank, in an intimate affair today, and now we've got a first glimpse at her gown.

image:Cheap Prom Dresses

The star risked all in a low v-neck dress, flashing cleavage as she chose Kate Middleton-inspired long sleeves and a huge skirt.

The 36 year old looked stunning in her Suzanne Neville wedding dress and her gamble paid off.

The stunning white dress with lace sleeves and a dramatic full tulle skirt was the ultimate fairy tale wedding dress.

But without... Read More

Do you have an idea to holding an unusual wedding.And at the wedding,you wearing a bohemian hairstyle,in a bohemian wedding gowns.It must be beautiful enough.Here are some charming hairstyle for you to holding a bohemian wedding.

1,If your wedding is on the beach exotic place, guests are barefoot on the beach, then this hippie style wavy hair is very suitable oh.

2,Like a vine-like flower decoration wound between hair and natural feeling is full of Xian Qi, is a very dignified and elegant style.

3,Many brides will choose low bun without bangs, pull all the hair in the... Read More

Opting to DIY hairstyles for not just the bridesmaids, but also the bride, on the big day has quickly become a new economical friendly trend in the wedding industry. With a multitude of options to do on your own, finding ideas and how-to’s online has become easier than ever.


Twisting a wrapping different sections of your hair into a spiraled bun is a quick and easy way to keep your hair off of you neck, allowing guests (and the groom!) to see your stunning face and any accessories that accompany your look.


Following this quick and easy how-to guide... Read More

There is an age old saying that marriages are made in heaven but celebrated on Earth. Well, it holds completely true. In every marriage, whether love or arranged there comes a day when one discovers true feelings for his or her partner. It is the day when little things in one’s life become special and that day is your day of love. Gifting your loved one a gift of their choice is the best way to celebrate the day. For husbands, gifting wife a piece of jewellery is a perfect way to celebrate that special day. They can choose from amazing jewellery pieces available in gold, silver, platinum and... Read More

Track of Brown bridesmaid wears

1,Full of shiny satin fabric draped with local could avoid the dresses seem to be too ordinary.

2, It is suitable for collocatiing with light green, beige and other elegant colors.

3, the hair can be a little decoration, fluffy hair and white flowers adorn make you more intimate nature.

Gentle ivory bridesmaid dresses

1,Pure white can increasingly reflect a clear and elegant of you, so that the bride is more bright, fresh, and make the bridesmaids more clean and refined temperament.

2, Adding a little black embellishment... Read More

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