Thursday, June 21, 2018

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Lip augmentation is a cosmetic surgery whose primary aim is to improve the appearance of the lips by increasing their fullness through injections or implants. The procedure became extremely popular nowadays. In fact, it is second fastest-growing facial procedure in the United States. Popularity of lip implants increased significantly since 2000 with 27,449 performed procedures. Additionally, over 9 million procedures were performed in patients who sought for lip injections. The procedure isn't only popular among women, but in men as well. If you're considering lip augmentation you... Read More

For any woman with short hair, extensions are the perfect way to add volume, style and confidence. Going short for whatever reason is usually a big decision and can feel like you’re entering unfamiliar territory - but you need not do it without backup. Making use of hair extensions for short hair allows you to keep the many style options you had with long hair, so that going short won’t feel like a long lasting decision.

So what can hair extensions do for women with short hair? We’re going to briefly cover three main points.

1. You’re not happy with your short hair and need a... Read More

We bring you few Indian styles which you can not only wear for fancy parties or weddings but also to an important day in the office! Doesn’t this sound great?! Now no need of worrying to spend a bomb on expensive clothes and getting to wear them on only a few days in the whole year. These dresses will not only make you go waow but also make you rush to the stores seeing the awesome prices! So don’t hesitate to look through our collection of Bollywood salwar suits.

1. Silk kurti with patialas A simple silk kurti with Patiala looks elegant yet not too gaudy. It is a perfect combination... Read More

Some things are priceless such as precious stones and metals that you receive from friends and loved ones or even inherit as family heirlooms. Selling or giving away some of these precious stones can be seen as going against your family’s legacy or the person who presented them to you –unless you broke up with them and you are trying to get back at them.

The fashion is industry is as cutthroat as they come and not many outfits manage to stay at the top for that long. That fabulous dress that you are wearing today will be out of fashion by next month –and that is if it is really great.... Read More

The fashion in baby clothes has been certainly changing over the past several years and there a number of companies providing specifically to the kid needs and products varying from bottles to clothe, baby bibs, toys and bedding. The need for baby clothes in the market has been increasing and now approximately all the producers provide the service to shop online with them. So even if you don't have the service of children store in the neighborhood, you can still choose the best for your kids online at competitive costs.

This has really made shopping for kid’s clothes more comfortable,... Read More

Skin bleaching is a controversial subject, especially in the West. But, we have to bear in mind that skin bleaching agents are prescribed by dermatologists for correcting skin unevenness caused by scarring or sun damage. Its original use was aimed at beautifying the complexion, not changing one’s skin tone. In many Eastern countries, such as South Korea and Japan, skin lightening practices are a part of an old cultural heritage. Lighter skin was associated with beauty and nobility, and today, things aren’t any different. However, in these countries, skin lightening is aimed at making the skin... Read More

As less as ten years ago, it would be virtually unheeded of for a bride other than a superstar to have her own individual make-up artist on the marriage day. Now, because of the number of beauty experts working on their own account, what used to be a costly luxury is now considered by maximum brides to be a wedding day necessity. The benefits of having your own makeup artist for wedding are quite understandable. No whooshing to and from the hairdressers on the morning of the marriage day and no eleventh hour anxieties when something, unavoidably, goes wrong. Most individuals offering this service... Read More

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