Wednesday, September 19, 2018

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When you packing up your suitcase for that summer trip you have long planned, you need to balance comfort and style. You want to include items that are versatile. That way, you can mix and match your clothes throughout your trip and create new outfits every day. The ideal summer travel suitcase must include the following styles -


1.Skinny Jeans - A blue or black pair of well fitted skinny jeans is essential when you are seeing all the attractions of the city and sampling the local cuisine. Skinny jeans with a cigarette cut go well with both heels and flats - so you can... Read More

Tommy Hilfiger is one of my all time favourite brands; I love the preppy American aesthetic, luxurious yet breathable fabrics and old school, classic designs. It’s one of those timeless household brands that generations to come will still recognise and love as much as we do today! That’s why it’s safe to say Hilfigers designs will still be worn and adored over the coming decades - always a trusted investment!

However, not all of us are lucky enough to have £75 going spare for a polo top, so often we’re left with hopeful birthday wish lists or instagram reposts hash-tagging #hinthint.... Read More

Ethnicity is core to Indian fashion which cannot be ignored. Designers come up with fashion that is a blend of traditional as well as modern techniques. Fashion and creativity go hand in hand. A designer is known for its creativity and imagination. Without this, no designer can get success in this field. Many Indian designers have made a mark in ethnic fashion. Let us see one by one the heroes’ of ethnic fashion.

1. Satya Paul: Founded in 1st April 1985, Satya Paul is internationally recognized brand for its presentation of ethnic fashion. No one can deny the creativity and innovation... Read More

In today's tough time, every one of us wants to save a few extra amounts whether on shopping, traveling or entertainment. Amazon promo codes or promotional codes enable you to save huge on your shopping. But, getting such codes or coupons can be a tiresome and frustrating experience for first time buyers. To get the best Amazon coupons, we are giving you some helpful tips. Please follow them before shopping online at Amazon.

Tips #1

The codes are usually posted on a monthly basis, most probably in the first week. So in the first week of every month, you can easily get offered... Read More

Taking things a little further, I’ve entered our beautiful horses into several dressage competitions and I plan to open up a small riding school not far from where we live. It’ll be a brilliant opportunity to share our passion with young ones eager to learn the art of equestrianism!There’s nothing better than bringing out Ode Bessie, saddling up and riding on through the glorious sunsets. My summer last year consisted of nothing more than down time with my husband and our two mares - we rode through the English countryside and absorbed mother nature in her most fantastic form. We trotted through... Read More

Roberto Cavalli is an Italian fashion designer; born on 15 November 1940 in Florence, Tuscany. He was the first ever one to present the first sand-blasted jeans. Gradually he opened boutiques in French Caribbean and Saint Barth and later in Venice and Saint Tropez. This brand is sold in over 50 countries around the globe, Therefore the name says it all no matter what country you’re in. Just Cavalli comprising today men’s wear, women’s wear with complete accessories and beach wear as well. Over the years, he has expanded in his Women wear collection as well.

He is also known to be eclectic,... Read More

So you want to know what it takes to dress like a pimp? Extravagant, expensive and flashy are the defining verbs of any respectable pimp. Think designer brands, animal prints and alligator shoes. Above all, a pimp is well dressed and could be mistaken for a top executive business man, if not for the colorful, flashy and over the top accessories that make a pimp - a pimp.

Here’s what it takes to cause double takes as you strut down Main Street in your pimp garb.

Start with the suit. Custom tailored with only the finest materials; cashmere, sateen and silk will do just fine. Pair... Read More

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