Sunday, December 16, 2018

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No one feels confident and safe while wearing that precious jewelry, we all scared of being robbed. But does it stop you from adding more grace to your looks with jewelry? No, especially if you want to be trendy. Do not think twice again if you want to wear something fancy for important occasions. Fashion jewelry gives more charm to your appearance, and you wouldn't be worried about theft too. What is fashion jewelry? Well, fashion jewelry is artificial jewelry which looks and feels like the real precious jewelry. It improves your fashion sense and beauty. Fashion jewelry is cheap when it comes... Read More

If you’ve ever spent a day in work boots, you know the importance of finding a pair that is high quality and comfortable. Sub-par boots can leave your feet aching, wet, dirty, and injured at the end of a long day. However, actually finding the perfect pair of boots can be overwhelming—especially when considering important features like comfort and insoles, insulation and lining, and safety features like steel toes. To make the process just a little easier, here are five pairs of stylish and comfortable work boots that are sure to make a long day at work just a little more comfortable.

Justin... Read More

If you are someone who is planning to opt for the Brazilian butt lift surgery to get a fuller and rounder shape to your derriere, then you have come to the right place. There are various things you will need to keep in mind before you opt for this surgery. The patients will need to qualify for the surgery before they plan to choose for it. To help you out, this article will take a look at what you need to know about Brazilian butt lift surgery.

What do you need to know about Brazilian butt lift surgery?

To opt for this surgery, one should be a nonsmoking patient who is healthy... Read More

Simaaya launched its summer collection of beautiful traditional wear recently. And to mark the day, they invited the star cast 'Durga Sohay'. Lead actress of the film, Sohini, along with Tanushree, Sampurna and Debjani visited the store at Triangular Park to roll out the collection.

“My best wishes to Arindam Sil for his upcoming movie ‘Durga Sohay’ where Simaaya is the saree partner. Our new collection has something for every discerning shopper looking to update their wardrobe,” said Rachit Agarwal, Director at Simaaya.

“Our exclusive collection of chiffons, floral prints, hand... Read More

Choosing which bra to wear isn’t just about the size that fits you the most. We all know it’s more than that. And it goes beyond every men’s imagination that we, women, still consider the style and looks of our bra even if it stays hidden underneath our outfits all day.

More often than not, our decisions on our bras are based merely on what type of clothing we are wearing. For instance, you can’t wear a sports bra if you are wearing a backless dress, it doesn’t work that way. However, even with the mixing and matching of our undergarments are quite confusing, getting a wide variety of... Read More

Have you ever wanted to move past normal, boring kitchenware? Have you ever wanted to splurge and do something fancy for yourself? You may be thinking that you wouldn’t be sure what to spend your money on that would be worth the cost, however if you are looking for a highbrow aesthetic that will let you fulfil the dream of doing something fancy and treating yourself, than look into etched glassware. Etched glassware is when your glasses can turn into something more than the traditional clear glass that everyone else has. By doing etchings you are personalizing something that could be handed... Read More

Many ladies love the long hair as they receive more compliments when they have long hair than those with short hair. Long hair can be styled up in various ways that give you a new and stunning outlook. It wise for a lady to look for upcoming styles that agree with long hairs, maintains its length and for a beautiful, appealing outlook always.

Women view hair as a reflection of their identity and status in the community. Many feel that having a bad hairstyle is like having a bad day. This can at times affect their self-esteem. The following are some of the hairstyles for long hair that... Read More

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