Monday, May 21, 2018

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Shopping custom suit online sounds like in style nowadays. Just a few clicks, configuring your fabric, accessories, entering your measures, and that's it! Then you just need to wait for the perfect fitted suit to arrive in a small package.

That's the idea, or, the hope, right? But, maybe that's just your imagination. I am sorry to pop the bubble but have purchased 6 so-called "custom tailored suits" myself, from different online stores I found myself far from being cool in them!

"Not cool" Fact #1 - None of them is perfectly fitted, and two of them, the sellers blame me.

I am... Read More

We, ladies, love our beauty stash and we never take a break building up our collection. Naturally, when we receive an item meant for our beautifying purposes, it’s always a welcome present.

Sadly, hardly do cosmetics given to us by our family or friends meet our standards or at least our preferences. Keep that in mind whenever you’re planning to buy makeup for all the gorgeous women in your fabulous life.

This or that? How to shop makeup for others

Makeup is not an easy gifting idea at all. First, you need to consider personal preferences then, there’s the full lineup... Read More

Diamonds are women’s best friend, and that is right. Have you ever seen the smile on a woman’s face on receiving a diamond ring? It is out of the world. Her happiness knows no bound and is ecstatic. Estate diamond rings are those diamond rings that can turn around a woman who is upset. The feeling of appreciation of diamonds can’t be equalled to any other feeling. The USA is a hub of diamond rings, and if you are looking for diamond rings of styles ranging from Victorian age to Edwardian or from Art Deco to Mid-century Retro or may be contemporary, then no online site offers such amazing and... Read More

Soccer is a game where people simply love to play with their feet, but their mind is always involved in the process. This means that the reliance is on their feet. In some cases, they might hit the right should, but the wrong cleats might spoil the game.

Purchasing soccer cleats is a challenge, and with the following tips, we intend to help you avoid making the biggest blunders by choosing the wrong cleats and suffering while wearing it on the field.

Mistake 1: Not investing in a reliable brand

With soccer, the brand is important. Yes, you can get unbranded, good quality... Read More

The obsession of women and their bags is not hidden from anyone. It is not just the bag’s appearance which matters, but it goes deep into assembling your private accessories in terms of your makeup kit, cellphone, keys etc.

Considering its biggest importance, your lifestyle along with the personality matters towards choosing the perfect bag which you can proudly say “yes, that is my bag”. Yes, where else you feel a sense of perfection when you accentuate your femininity by carrying on your arm piece? Hence, it is important for you to make a careful choice, which depends on the following... Read More

·Highly absorbing.

·Helps keep your epidermis awesome.

·Allows sweating to disappear in a short time.


·Stylish as well.

So really, there are so many reasons why you should include linen in your wardrobe right away. Of course, given the versatility of this fabric, it comes in many shapes and forms and today the world is discovering the comfort and glamor factor of linen overalls. If there is one outfit that is made for girls to look stylish in, it has to be linen overalls.

The comfort factor

Linen overalls come with a lot of benefits... Read More

As the summer breeze turns into the colder winds, the lush greenery slowly turns colours, and the warm sunny atmosphere turns into chilly winter, it is time for you to replace your summer wardrobe staples with winter essentials. This change is quite necessary especially when it comes to your denims. Stow away those light washed blues and cut-off denims and bring in the darker shades and classic fits that showcase a timeless approach. Here are five jeans trends for the winter that will make you look fabulous and in trend, while keeping you warm and toasty.

The Black Skinny

Every... Read More

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