Wednesday, October 17, 2018

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We’re all stuck in one uncompromising situation after the other, but how well do we bounce back? What about those who defied the odds and bounced back with flying colors? That’s what Judi Moreo's new book, Life Choices: Navigating Difficult Paths is all about.

We interviewed Judi to find out more about this inspiring book and what was involved in the writing and compiling process.Thank you for this interview, Judi. So nice to see you again! I thoroughly enjoyed You are More Than Enough. Now you are back with an anthology titled Life Choices: Navigating Difficult Paths. Can you tell... Read More

Joining us today are Kevin Coupe and Michael Sansolo, authors of The Big Picture: Essential Business Lessons from the Movies. We’ll talk to the authors about this book, the lessons businesses can apply to be successful, and what the authors will be working on next.

Welcome Kevin and Michael. We are excited to have you here. Can you please tell our readers a bit about yourself?

We have an almost silly history together. We grew up in the same town in suburban New York, had parents who worked together in the same school system, worked for the same group of newspapers right out of... Read More

Freeport, New York - 8th Annual Harlem Book Fair on Long Island Sat. Sept. 18, 2010The 8th Annual Harlem Book Fair on Long Island (HBF-LI) presents a great opportunity to bring African-American authors, artists, poets, performers and vendors together with the Long Island community.

The daylong event features book signing by noted authors, panel discussions, ethnic music and dance, fiction and nonfiction books, vendors, and a Children’s Pavilion with its own featured authors, storytellers and face painters. HBF-LI will be held Saturday, September 18, 2010, 12 noon - 6 p.m. at the Freeport... Read More

Tired of ordering in Thai food and watching a Netflix on Saturday nights? Don’t despair. Finding true love isn’t impossible as long as you view the entire world as one big singles bar. Walking your dog, practicing yoga, riding mass transit, buying a book, even visiting a friend in the hospital can lead to the woman of your dreams.

Critically-acclaimed novelist/playwright Gary Morgenstein provides the romantic roadmap in his new book, How to Find a Woman...Or Not. We interviewed Gary to find out why men have a hard time finding that right woman and how his book can fix that.

Thank... Read More

Joining us today is Michele Wahlder, author of Alphatudes: The Alphabet of Gratitude. We’ll talk to Michele about her work, the book, and her future projects.

Welcome Michele. It is wonderful to have you with us. Can you tell us a bit about yourself?

Thank you for having me!

I am a certified life coach, career counselor, licensed psychotherapist, motivational speaker and gratitude enthusiast. I founded Life Possibilities, LLC, a company that guides people to become the highest vision they hold for themselves in their lives, careers and relationships through the vehicles... Read More

Vincent Zandri is an award-winning novelist, essayist and freelance photojournalist. His novel As Catch Can (Delacorte) was touted in two pre-publication articles by Publishers Weekly and was called "Brilliant" upon its publication by The New York Post. The Boston Herald attributed it as “The most arresting first crime novel to break into print this season.” Other novels include Godchild (Bantam/Dell) and Permanence (NPI).

Vincent will be on virtual book tour in February and March 2010 to promote his latest thriller novel, Moonlight Falls. We interviewed him to find out more about his... Read More

Unbelievable as it may sound, but an incredibly lucky novelist by the name of James Hayman had his first book published by a major New York publishing house. St. Martin's Minotaur, in not one but a two book deal, made The Cutting their lead title for July 2009.

To begin the book campaign, they assigned a staff publicity person to help promote it. In the month before publication, Minotaur sent nearly two thousand advance reader copies out to reviewers, bookstore owners and other key influencers. This certainly paid off because The Cutting was named to the American Booksellers Association... Read More

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The Writer's Ego

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