Monday, September 24, 2018

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Since he was a kid, Scott wanted to be an author and explored many genres through high school and college. Fantasy, though, captivated his soul. Tales of Knights and magic, dragons and elves filled his dreams. After greasing the gears of the corporate machine for many years, he escaped the Information Technology vortex to focus full-time on writing. The stories he’d envisioned years ago—of nobility and strife, honor and chaos—demanded they be brought to life.

Scott lives with his wife, two children, and a giant Chihuahua on the west coast of Florida.

1.What inspired you to write... Read More

As a writer of murder mysteries and suspense, I’m a huge fan of today’s modern-day police procedural shows like Castle, the Law & Order franchise, Without A Trace, Bones and NCIS, etc. Today’s police procedurals are edgy and much more sophisticated than their classic counterparts from the sixties and seventies, covering a wide variety of topics such as forensics, autopsies, the gathering of evidence, the assessment of a crime scene and the use of search warrants, etc. We viewers have front row seats to the blood and gore as human remains are pulled from rivers and recovered from barrels... Read More

Inglewood Library 50th Anniversary Celebration

Inglewood-The City of Inglewood celebrated the 50th Anniversary of the Main Library on Saturday, October 5, 2013 from 10:00 AM until 3:00 PM at the Main Library, 101 West Manchester Blvd., Inglewood, CA. 90301. The all day program was free to the public.

Mayor James T. Butts presided over this historic occasion with members of Inglewood City Council, George Dotson, District 1, Alex Padilla, District 2, Eloy Morales, Jr. District 3 and Ralph Franklin, District 4, Assemblyman Steven Bradford and the community. Partial funding was provided... Read More

Is there some hard-fast rule or unheard-of decree which dictates that while it’s perfectly acceptable for female book characters to be frumpy or have a uni-brow or hips as wide as Texas, the same does not apply once that female book character jumps to the small screen? Do television producers honestly believe viewers (especially of the male persuasion) to be so shallow that they’d never watch a show where the lead female characters were anything but hot babes? Sadly, that seems to be the case.

Let’s examine the evidence, if you will. Some of the most memorable and popular male TV... Read More

Well into the last century, there was a certain stigma attached to being born illegitimate, supported in no small part by the insensitive moniker of “bastard”. Fast forward to today’s world of publishing and we, the indie authors, have become the illegitimate bastard children seemingly no one’s proud to acknowledge, if we believe anything Dr. Jim Taylor has to say in his article, “Are Self-Published Authors Really Authors or Even Published?”, which appeared in The Huffington Post on September 30, 2013.

The following is an excerpt from Dr. Taylor’s article:

At the same time, the... Read More

Saint Elm’s Deep is the latest offering in the best-selling Legend of Vanx Malic series. Books One and Two reached the top of the Amazon Fantasy/Mythology bestsellers list shortly after they were released.

In Saint Elm’s Deep, Mathias continues to develop his main character Vanx, a half-zythian bard. After finding a map on a grueling hunt, Vanx and his new companions travel deep into the Bitterpeaks. There they search for the fabled Hoar witch's palace in a hidden valley of the treacherous and magical Lurr Forest.

The story expands as we explore Vanx's past and the future of this... Read More

Linda Merlino is a writer and the author of Room of Tears (July 23 2013), Hudson Catalina (2008-Belly of the Whale & re-release 9/14/12), Swan Boat Souvenir (self-published 2003) She began writing fiction as a young mother on the sidelines of endless soccer practices and wrote anytime any place. A manuscript filled a carton in the back seat of her car. Many years have passed since those early beginnings, but Linda’s work continues to be inspired by her children.

Ms Merlino has a fascination with heroes and writes her fiction to honor ordinary men and women who react unselfishly in... Read More

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Shaun you're probably nearer the mark than most. "mmm...right right" spoken with contemplative "yawn" inflection when you join a writers' group or dare blurt out in front of established writers (any writers) you tend to scribble, usually sending all...

The Writer's Ego

Very interesting train of thoughts, but I found myself asking, what about those that write under a ghost it to keep their privacy, or perhaps lack of ego...I actually can see both sides, especially when you are talking about writing fiction....