Saturday, January 19, 2019

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I have always been a big fan of woodworking, as I love the natural texture, the beautiful grain and the knots that show through in any project that involves wood. So when it comes time to pick out a new project, I often look for something involving wood first. I recently came across one of the simplest and most beautiful wood-related projects that I believe has truly unlimited potential. It requires very little time and effort, so this is a great project for DIYers of all ability levels.

I have done wood transfers before, but they have not always turned out the way I wanted. I then discovered... Read More

ILead is a premier management and mass media institute that is committed to giving its students the best that holistic education has to offer. Thus, keeping this in mind, they have brought out the European Film Festival that has been held in the ILead auditorium spread out over two days April 27 and 28.

This festival saw a plethora of films including seven of them in all but the most distinctive and unique among them is the Portuguese Heritage in Goa that was the last film to be shown in this avant garde festival. This award winning film was directed by Nalini Sousa.

Nalini Elvino... Read More

For those who have been on any jewelry websites that were preferred, you've likely heard about steampunk jewelry. For many who do not know what I'm referring to, Steampunk Jewelry can be a sort of jewelry that brings electronics classic, together, creativity, and research fictions sorts into one kind of jewelry.

Steampunk is higher than a form of jewelry. It's an time that happened inside the 19th century through the English time. Somehow, is also somewhat National Wild-West perspective tossed within also. Generally Steampunk jewelry includes in developed fun and certain SciFi and requires... Read More

Photography is now available to anyone to practice, and you don’t even need a digital camera, all you require is a cell phone. On the other hand, with all those advantages, it seems there was no room for the good old photo printing. People are always searching for easier solutions, and let’s face it, it is a lot easier and cheaper to share your picture online so that anyone can see it, then spending money on a printed photo, that only a few people will have access to. But, is the easy way always the best way?

In defense of a printed photo

The magic of photo sharing is, in the... Read More

Heritage Business School is one of the topmost B-Schools in the country. Recently, they organized a conclave on 24th February, 2015 on Education and Cultural Cooperation among SAARC countries.

This eclectic function was presided over by a host of dignitaries along the globe and this included a consul from Belarus as well. The aim of the function was to provide the students with the knowhow of conducting business across a cross cultural domain and this enabled them to gain a high level of knowledge and insight that will help them in their future roles as businessmen and women.

A... Read More

Upper West Restaurant is known for its cuisine. It offers an incredible happy hour, as well as special events benefitting many local charities. The restaurant has attracted a loyal following who consistently attend the liquor/food pairing events. It also celebrates local artists with art receptions taking place about four times a year.

Artist Bobbie Rich will show her art at Upper West in a solo exhibit entitled “A Parade of Ladies.” Rich said she was looking forward to showing her work at the restaurant. “I'm thrilled to be showing at Upper West. The high ceilings and big walls are... Read More

Choosing the right Ballet class for your child is ponderous. An acknowledged dance studio will remain focused on just one element: your child’s evolution in dance. Parents must not depend entirely on internet search results to narrow down on the best ballet school for their little one. If a dance studio looks interesting, plan a tour in person, shoot questions and observe a class in progress. Hundreds of ballet classes in the region can often confuse parents, so watch out for a structured dance program for different level, with a well –set module based on time tested methods. Identifying a... Read More

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