Wednesday, September 19, 2018

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"Cinema of Time" opens at Upper West on Sunday, July 12th from 4-7pm. The trendy Santa Monica restaurant will feature the art of Gregg Chadwick. Known for its incredible cuisine, Upper West takes great pride in displaying the works of talented artists.

For this exhibition, Upper West will feature fourteen of Chadwick's paintings ranging from almost seven feet by seven feet to works on a small scale at about eighteen by fourteen inches. Chadwick is committed to his craft, "I generally paint daily in my studio when I am home and when traveling I seem to create constantly through sketching,... Read More

The Montana Avenue Art Walk and Music Festival will take place Thursday, July 16th from 5:00 pm to 9:00 pm with many of the businesses participating as well as bands and local singers/guitarists performing throughout the night. Montana Avenue businesses such as Partner’s Trust, Texture: A Sweater Store and More and Sweet Lady Jean will all feature acts such as Kat and the Jazz Birds, classical guitarist Peter Skrabak, and Milo Gonzalez another talented guitarist.

Start off at TEXTURE: the Sweater Store and More is located at 716 Montana Ave. This lovely shop offers the most beautiful... Read More


When placing your Photo Tex on a standard painted wall, make sure the wall has been previously primed prior to painting (otherwise the paint or adhesive may come off). Concerning newly painted surfaces, make sure you allow 30 days for out gassing preventing bubbling. If you place your Photo Tex on a pebbly, textured surface that has used eggshell paint or a very porous surface (i.e. brick, cement walls, stucco), you may receive poor results, although it has worked in most cases. So you may want to test first for a couple of days. Avoid... Read More

It would be hard to imagine that someone would buy an expensive oil painting, then put it on the floor of their living room and walk all over it. But if you are in the market for an Oriental rug, then that is most probably what you will do with these expensive pieces of art.

The most expensive rug ever sold was the silk Isfahan rug of Central Persia which sold for $4,450,000 USD in 2008 at Christie's New York. But you needn't be concerned about accidentally wiping your shoes on it, it is safely stored away. But if you are looking for an Oriental rug for your home what do you need to... Read More

I have always been a big fan of woodworking, as I love the natural texture, the beautiful grain and the knots that show through in any project that involves wood. So when it comes time to pick out a new project, I often look for something involving wood first. I recently came across one of the simplest and most beautiful wood-related projects that I believe has truly unlimited potential. It requires very little time and effort, so this is a great project for DIYers of all ability levels.

I have done wood transfers before, but they have not always turned out the way I wanted. I then discovered... Read More

ILead is a premier management and mass media institute that is committed to giving its students the best that holistic education has to offer. Thus, keeping this in mind, they have brought out the European Film Festival that has been held in the ILead auditorium spread out over two days April 27 and 28.

This festival saw a plethora of films including seven of them in all but the most distinctive and unique among them is the Portuguese Heritage in Goa that was the last film to be shown in this avant garde festival. This award winning film was directed by Nalini Sousa.

Nalini Elvino... Read More

For those who have been on any jewelry websites that were preferred, you've likely heard about steampunk jewelry. For many who do not know what I'm referring to, Steampunk Jewelry can be a sort of jewelry that brings electronics classic, together, creativity, and research fictions sorts into one kind of jewelry.

Steampunk is higher than a form of jewelry. It's an time that happened inside the 19th century through the English time. Somehow, is also somewhat National Wild-West perspective tossed within also. Generally Steampunk jewelry includes in developed fun and certain SciFi and requires... Read More

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Upper West Welcomes Artist Gregg Chadwick, Sunday, July...

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Upper West Welcomes Artist Gregg Chadwick, Sunday, July...

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