Sunday, March 18, 2018

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living homeless, landing in jail (for punching a security guard in Tokyo) and traveling like a creative hobo before the company finally floats itself ,earning him a potential $200 million.

The company of course is Facebook and the artist David Choe. It's a good story, and archetypal rags to riches tale, a modern day road to Damascus if you will, and more power to him.

Except, Choe-a one time Beverly Hills high school alumni, and son of real estate agent's, has been on the so called 'fringe' for over ten years, earning quite the resume and with his bad Barron Storey knock... Read More

The term "Outsider Art" is a broader interpretation of the 1920's French identification of "Art Brut", which consisted of art created by patients with mental disorders. These days, the term encompasses art which falls largely out of the confines of academia, galleries, and the politics of traditional art communities. It is often called "naive" art - for obvious reasons.

So, with that itty-bit of Art History 101 behind us, let's move on to things that actually matter.

Like any other professional community, artists and those who peddle their efforts have their own small clique and... Read More

Emin, of course is famous for her unmade bed, and infamous for making a complete drunken ass of herself on British television. I actually prefer her latter contribution if I'm perfectly honest. And now Emin, who recently contributed the most risible etchings for a series entitled "Love is what you want", is to be the shaper of young, impressionable minds, the yardstick (or charcoal stick) for every budding young da Vinci or Blake-a former pupil of the college. Of course-like Art sales-it's all about the name...I daresay attendance at the Royal academy shall be healthy this coming semester,... Read More

The connection between poetry and painting are as close as any two different art forms can be. The search for exactly the right word or set of words echos the search for the right color, the right value. Both forms struggle against the limitations inherent to their scope and tools and process. It is those same limitations that shape the end and give life to what artifact is left at the finish. The goal of each is to allow the ones who discover that work after the fact, to engage - to enter in and experience the place and the mood found within, on their own, with only their eyes and heart to... Read More

Creativity Through Subtraction

“The man is the work.” Edward Hopper

The “Edward Hopper In Maine” exhibit at Bowdoin College this past summer and early fall was a wonderful example of a hunch I’d had for years about Hopper’s best works.

If you had been in lower Manhatten eighty years ago as autumn approached the city and you perhaps saw a popular movie and maybe had a cup of coffee at the Horn and Hardart, you might have seen him. Tall and thin, soft felt hat and and a tweed jacket a bit worn and loose fitting, the man would have appeared to have been completely unremarkable... Read More

Former Turner prize winners have included such notable entries as Rachel Whiteread's plaster cast interior entitled with obligatory irony-'House' and Chris Offli's 'No woman no cry', a primitive portrait decorated with dry elephant dung. This year promises to be rather more subdued-though no less a sensation-with the tabloids in on the joke with the usual fake apoplexy-Karla Black's painted bin liner sculptures, Martin Boyce's wonky bin. Trash if you like. One of the entries this year however, is a practitioner of traditionalism-someone whom you could say is a true recipient of an... Read More

I still remember the 'disgust' in my relatives' face when I proudly showed my latest card creation, they were nodding with a fake approving smile, feigning interest in my card making skills the same way a parent would do with their own child. I couldn't help to be gutted when that happened, after all, I did spend the good part of an hour making it. I had to resign myself to the fact that not everyone like 'handmade', 'craft' or 'diy' or any code word for 'it must be crap, you haven't bought it from a shop' knee-jerk reaction to anything lovingly handcrafted yet often rejected in stealth derision.

... Read More

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