Sunday, November 18, 2018

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The work of artist Imelda Healy will be featured in a solo show at Santa Monica Restaurant, Upper West on Sunday, June 14. Upper West has supported artists and showcased their work since it first opened.

Healy is from Ireland and moved to Santa Monica three years ago when her husband was offered a job as a writer on a television show. The artist started drawing and painting when she was just a child. Healy explains, "There were 7 in my family and scarcity was the norm, in my early school years there could be 55 or more children in each class, not much room for individual attention.... Read More

Emerson Mertens ~

Dancer, Choreographer,

Instructor, Company Director,

Actress, Photographer, Writer

In my mind, a dancer's body creates art, like paint on the brush of an artist or words on through the finger tips of a writer. The movements of a dancer speak as loudly as words on paper. It’s like watching a pen or paintbrush in motion displaying the beauty of each delicate movement…a true form of communication.

Em is a ballet dancer with a mission. She explains on her blog,

“I desire to use my training in the arts to bring hope, joy, and inspiration... Read More

Temple aka Mike "Tempo," is the founder and percussionist of the popular band, the Bonedaddys. One of the first American bands labeled as “world-beat,” the Bonedaddys recorded six albums as well as having a performance for PBS catalogued into the Library of Congress. The band also played and recorded with Bo Diddley.

Throughout his long career as a musician, Temple has continued to pursue his other passion…painting. His work has been a part of many exhibitions in cities such as Kansas City, New Orleans, and Los Angeles. In April of this year, his work was featured at both the Santa Monica... Read More

Contemporary mixed media artist Sona Mirzaei will once again be featured in a solo show at Seyhoun Gallery in West Hollywood on Saturday, July 13th, 2013. It’s been a whirlwind of a year. She recently participated in a group anniversary show at Wallspace Gallery in the Miracle Mile area. “I love the community that Wallspace serves; it’s in a very eclectic neighborhood, people from various cultures, occupations, etc. I feel very connected with the neighborhood and that is euphoric!” says Sona. One of the most popular pieces in her show was a piece from her “Thirteen Commandments” series, a... Read More

bG Gallery presents a new exhibition, “Objectified II” opening on Thursday, June 20th. Curated by Douglas Alvarez, the group show focuses on every day, symbolic objects and people around us and how we as a society interact with them.

Hadiya Finley’s impressive sculptures will be featured in the show. Finley was introduced to art at an early age. “I had access to a good library of art books and began going to museums on my own in the city (New York) as early as age10 and 11 years,” says Finley. “I began Saturday art classes when I was in Kindergarten. In addition to the visual art classes,... Read More

Two new exhibitions are currently on view at the Santa Monica Art Studios. Special guest artist Brooke Harker is one of the featured artists participating in the group show.

Harker recently exhibited her work in a group show entitled "Canvas Streets" at Destroy Rebuild Repeat Gallery in Santa Monica. She is looking forward to showing at the Santa Monica Art Studios. It is a gallery near and dear to her heart.

“I feel honored to show paintings alongside artists whose work I have admired and observed over the years. I find the Santa Monica Studios quite inspiring. The galleries... Read More

Art Journal- Yun Yi

About Mei Studio Art Classes

Mei Studio is a private art studio that offers comprehensive art training and education for both young and adult students. The main goal of Mei Studio, beside improving students’ drawing and painting skill, is to open a door to students’ creativity, help them to discover their own talents.

A Girl on Beach

Read More

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