Tuesday, September 25, 2018

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Steve Hanks is a well-known American figure painter who was born into a military family in San Diego in 1949. Just as good writers write what they know, Steve paints what he lives. When his children were born, his work was filled the intimacy between infants and parents, the joy of toddlers, and the wonder of youngsters discovering the world around them.

is watercolor paintings are infused with emotion and poetry by a delicate use of light and shadow. Each painting reveals a slice-of-life as he expresses his own emotional responses through art.

He calls this style ‘emotional... Read More

It’s a two-day art extravaganza. The Beverly Hills artSHOW takes place Saturday & Sunday, October 19th & 20th and it’s celebrating forty years. Artist Brooke Harker returns to the semi-annual art event after participating last year. She explains, “The Beverly Hills artSHOW is always well put together and aesthetically exhibits a variety of art in a beautiful outdoor setting. I think it’s a nice opportunity for families to appreciate art together as the weekend event is child and dog friendly.”

The past time she participated in The Beverly Hills artSHOW, Harker enjoyed a successful... Read More

Tequio Aqui, Tequio Alla

Los Angeles- The City of Angels is home to a huge, vibrant and striving Latino community. Residents and I benefit from the wealth of cultural influences of the various Latino communities. This was apparent for the William Grant Still Arts Center’s Tequio Aqui, Tequio All new exhibit. This event brought together artists who are involved in sustaining or examining the Oaxacan practice of tequio in a post-migration urban context. The exhibition examines how this internalized tradition of service manifest itself in the civic, familial, and cultural lives of Oaxacan... Read More

Julienne Johnson attended an exhibition in 2007 at LA Artcore Gallery to see the work of her beloved teacher and mentor, Franklyn Liegel (1950-2012) . Now, six years later - you can see her work in an exhibition along side Liegel's at the same gallery, for an exhibition by the same curator, Lydia Takeshita. The Franklyn Liegel Memorial Exhibition will take place, Sept 4 - Sept 29, commemorating "one of LA's most inspiring teachers, gentlest eccentrics and most under known talents" says Peter Frank, Art Critic, Huffington Post, and Associate Editor of Fabrik Magazine.

On exhibit will... Read More

The work of artist Charles Swenson will be featured as part of a group show at haleARTS S P A C E this Friday July 9th. The gallery features artists every two weeks.

Swenson has had a successful career as an animator and producer. While winning awards such as an Emmy, a Humanitas Award and a Cable Ace Award, he consistently created art. During the day, he worked with legends like, Frank Zappa, Peter Yarrow and Harry Nillson, then at night and on the weekends, he would paint.

Swenson paints every day. Working within a regimented schedule, he delves into creating art at his downtown... Read More

This artist's talent has captured not only his subject's form and beauty but also their essence on canvas by embedding emotions into the canvas.

Javad Soleimanpour is relatively new on the art scene. It was not until April of 2009, after he won first place in an Iranian art competition in the Landscape and Interior Category, that critics, galleries and buyers started to take notice. Ironically, Javad had no idea that one of his students had entered his work for the competition.

Javad Soleimanpour, Iran

Soleimanpour is self-taught, painting since the age of 12 and painting... Read More

The work of artist Imelda Healy will be featured in a solo show at Santa Monica Restaurant, Upper West on Sunday, June 14. Upper West has supported artists and showcased their work since it first opened.

Healy is from Ireland and moved to Santa Monica three years ago when her husband was offered a job as a writer on a television show. The artist started drawing and painting when she was just a child. Healy explains, "There were 7 in my family and scarcity was the norm, in my early school years there could be 55 or more children in each class, not much room for individual attention.... Read More

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