Wednesday, October 17, 2018

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Staffetta Quotidiana and Fondazione Energia awarded Flavio Cattaneo, Terna’s CEO, the recognition of Man of the Year, a prize that since 1992 has been assigned to those who during the course of the year have distinguished themselves in the energy sector.

"Terna, headed by Flavio Cattaneo, was at the center of the Italian energy and electricity sector’s transformation during 2011, a year of radical changes, and more than any other operator, had the merit of drawing attention to the problem, raising questions that await to be faced and resolved. Cattaneo also presented the essential... Read More

Last Sunday 12,000 demonstrators from all walks of life formed a human chain around the White House to call on President Obama to reject the proposed Keystone XL tar sands oil pipeline. Today, in a major victory for pipeline opponents the State Department ordered a new route, effectively killing the controversial project, according to a TransCanada spokesperson who told the National Journal it would die "because the new route would require a new Environmental Impact Statement and a public review that would take months, if not years."

Demonstrators at the Lafayette Square rally and encircle... Read More

Husband and wife filmmaking team Rebecca and Josh Tickell are winning over skeptical audiences across the country and sending a powerful message to decision makers in Washington about the urgent need to end America's destructive addiction to imported oil by embracing homegrown biofuels, especially ethanol.

Of course, it helps to have a retired four star general and former NATO commander on your side.

Last Wednesday the Sundance Award-winning producers of the movie "Fuel" rolled into Washington, D.C. on the final stop of their 40-city bus tour to promote their new film,"Freedom,"... Read More

The company calls itself AltaRock, which translates roughly from the Nordish as “getting high on rocks.” With a $6 million grant from the U.S. Energy Department and $30 million in venture capital (translation: “lottery ticket”), the firm set out to show the world how to turn true geothermal energy — that is, the heat in deep rock — into a major source of alternative, renewable energy. Last Friday, it showed the world how to abandon a project and make itself virtually invisible.

If you have heard me sing this song before, please join me in the chorus: “Renewable is not sustainable if... Read More

Among the industrial systems being strained to and beyond their limits by the tensions between growing demand and limited supplies is the electrical network of every industrialized country. Brazil is just the latest to experience the consequences of breaking circuit breakers.

Tuesday night, cascading failures of 15 major transmission lines plunged two-thirds of Brazil and all of Paraguay into darkness. 60 million people were without power for four hours. There were fears of foul play, after the CBS news program "60 Minutes" reported Sunday that an earlier blackout in Brazil had been... Read More

What a concept! Instead of cars polluting the air, now they can run on it! Say hello to the AirPod. This could be the greatest invention since hot pockets! A car that runs on compressed air is being unveiled this week at the Geneva Auto Show and creating an understandably major buzz.

I started hearing about this technology more than a year ago. I told some of my friends about it and they asked me what I was drinking. A car running on air is not something the average person finds plausible, but now it’s no longer just a theory. It’s a reality and quite possibly our biggest... Read More

As gas prices fluctuate and threaten to rise again, the world is racing to find new sources of fuel. From cooking grease to corn oil; from electricity to steam; from natural gas to propane—scientists, engineers and even backyard hobbyists are clamoring to find the “next big thing” when it comes to powering the cars of the not-so-distant future. It’s a race and whoever wins it will be hailed as the next Henry Ford or Albert Einstein.

Now as it turns out, they’re turning to the sea.

Algae biofuel is all the rage right now, and although it’s just... Read More

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