Friday, January 18, 2019

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A mechanical arm, guided by cameras, for mounting solar panels faster. Robots are being built in Germany that could help reduce costs and time

Robots are being built in Germany that could help reduce solar panel installation costs and time. The project is currently being developed by two companies, PV Kraftwerker and Gehrlicher, and permits faster and cheaper installations, making it possible to also work in non-optimal weather conditions or at night.

The project provides for the construction of robots capable of working automatically in installing solar power systems on the... Read More

For more than a year, the Università degli Studi of Milan and the Politecnico of Milan have been cooperating on an ambitious project: the creation of a common sustainable campus.

Through residents, renewable energy, and the environment, Milan is working to build a sustainable campus. At the Politecnico, they have installed dumpsters that measure the weight and volume of the material that is placed in the dumpsters, and send the data online via GPRS for the monitoring and management of waste collection. The idea is also being experimented with in Beijing.

But even Italian universities... Read More

70-80% of water resources used by humans goes to agricultural irrigation: it takes 500 liters of water to produce one kilo of wheat

The growing demand for water is closely linked to the continuous increase in food production, and water pollution that renders enormous amounts of water unsuitable even for industrial uses. But the way to reduce our "water footprint" exists, starting from reducing the amount of fresh water taken from the natural cycle.There are 7 billion of us on Earth today. If we continue at this rate of growth, in 2050, there will be 9 billion people on our planet. To... Read More

Finmeccanica has been present for some time in India, especially in the transport sector for which significant investments for metro lines and railways are planned. Energy is another challenge to be overcome for sustainable growth.

Among developing countries, India is one of the most favored by foreign businessmen: along with the advantage of having qualified, low-cost manpower (with a widespread knowledge of English), there is also a solid institutional-bureaucratic system that favors investments and the presence of a solid banking and finance structure.

Unlike China,... Read More

And that is a tall order in a land that has virtually no sweet water, and is already facing strong water stress!

Qatar went from a poor pearl-fishing country to one of the most ground-breaking economies in the world, in less than half a century. The small peninsula harnessed its gigantic natural resources as the main motor of its development. Today, Qatar is negotiating a delicate turn between phase 1 and phase 2 : going from a booming, yet single-sourced economy, to a more diversified, long-lasting and developed one.

The consequences of such a transition should not be underestimated.... Read More

"We will soon see roll-up cell phones and laptop computers on the market," says Professor Xiaodong Li of the University of South Carolina. Li in a published report in the journal Advanced Materials shows that the "once-cotton T-shirt" can be used as a repository for electricity.

Li used small cotton swatches to show that the fabric acts as a capacitor. Capacitors have the ability to store electrical charge. The "activated carbon textile," the name Li calls his work in the study, acts more like double-layer capacitors -- which are also called a supercapacitors because they can... Read More

Unemployment. Austerity. War. Terrorism. Climate Change. The world needs superheroes now more than ever. Along comes Marvel's "The Avengers" to rave reviews and boffo box office. In tough times, movie audiences crave escapist entertainment and larger than life superheroes, which could help explain why "The Avengers" set a box office record for the biggest opening weekend ever in North America, tied for the fastest film to reach $1 billion and is currently the third highest grossing film of all time with a worldwide haul of nearly $1.4 billion.That's a lot of people that are absorbing the film's... Read More

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