Sunday, March 18, 2018

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According to the National Bureau of Asian Research, “India is the world’s fourth-largest energy consumer and will likely overtake China in the next decade as the primary source of growth in global energy demand.” The prediction is invariably an exhilarating one with regard to the economic future; however, many steps need to be taken before such expectations can be realized.

Despite the inevitable challenges that obstruct the path to transition towards greater sustainable energy solutions, the goal is not an unachievable one as there are opportunities that present themselves in the... Read More

We sat down with Blair MacDougall, a Canadian gas and oil consultant, to delve into what actually goes on in the oil industry and to learn more about his own personal experience and growth in the field.As MacDougall explains, one of the challenges of the offshore oil and gas industry is that no drilling or exploration project is the same as the next, which, as he explains, is something that MacDougall enjoys. Certainly, well construction consultants and advisors carry their industry knowledge and expertise with them as they move from one exploration or drilling project to another.But, the challenges... Read More

Conventional LEDs are used for various display and indication applications from many years. The benefits related with LED technology are popularly known and are also documented. These include the power savings, maintenance and also performance features that are taken for granted by the electronics savvy consumers like brightness levels, consistent colour, longer life span, reliability and durability. These benefits along with the environmental concerns of society and energy efficient products have made LED to flourish further in the years. With increase in the demand for the lighting of solid... Read More

For the past four decades, energy costs have spiraled beyond control and now eat up a lot of every family’s budget. But most people are not aware of simple energy-saving tips they could easily practice and save a lot of money they could use for other vital expenses.

Whether we are talking about electricity or gas, we can do something about the high cost of energy consumption. Here are a few easy to do tips:

1. Every small thing adds up to big expense

The casual way most people treat energy use leads them to waste a lot of money. Leaving small gadgets and appliances left... Read More

The solus4 design team is the winner of the last international design competition for a marine research center in Bali. The competition addressed the need for tsunami research and preparation for it after the devastation caused by the 2004 earthquake and tsunami in the Indian ocean. The 2500 square meter impressive fluid structure will be situated 150 meters off shore from the Kuta beach. The project features research labs, bedrooms for scientists, a seawater pool, an aquatic garden library and an auditorium that would be located under and over the surface of the sea. The design team... Read More

Boiler systems are very common in temperate climates, and they are there to heat water for everything from heating to washing. The problem is that they are not necessarily that efficient when it comes to using energy, and with most countries around the world looking to bring down their energy usage, it’s quite clear that something needs to be done relatively soon.

It’s already common for newer boiler systems to be a lot more economical than older ones, but they still aren’t the best. Many people have turned to better insulation, which helps reduce the need for boiler use, but there’s... Read More

Rethink Energy by Roberto Bolle is the new advertising campaign created to promote Eni’s culture of energy. Testimonial of this original campaign, the famous international étoile Roberto Bolle is the symbol of culture – especially Italian culture – and social engagement around the world.

It is a representation of what Eni has consistently pursued as a core tenet of its identity: being active in the community, supporting the expression of culture and promoting young talent. The company has shown this through its commitment to research, access to energy, support of culture and imagination... Read More

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