Friday, January 18, 2019

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The recent growth of industries globally, has led to a surge in the energy demands. This energy demand if not met strategically can lead to severe energy crisis in the near future. Electricity is one such form of energy that enables the working of different commercial, industrial as well as residential units.

At present, life without electricity is beyond imagination. Each day our daily activities, be it at our home or office or at a recreational spot is aided by electricity. So, to ensure that all these activities are not affected, there is a need to use the available power sustainably... Read More

The main aim of Lithuanian energy strategy is directed on making the country 'Energetic Center of the World'. In the course of its implementation biofuel trading exchange, the GET Baltic gas exchange, as well as, the Litgrid (Lithuania-Sweden) and LitPol (Lithuania-Poland) Link power interconnections have been launched in Lithuania.

In the eyes of Lithuania's leadership, the main achievement of this strategy is Klaipeda liquefied natural gas (LNG) terminal putting into operation, which has allegedly offered the opportunity to diversify gas supply and receive Gazprom discount in the... Read More

Switchgears are a combination of switches or circuit breakers which are disconnected. These are used to control, protect and isolate the electrical equipment. It consists of cubicle units which remain attached to the lower frame. They help in detecting faults while generation, distribution, and transmission. Hence, automatically turns off the power.

Switchgears are the heart of industry, whatever is it. It serves as the support system. It serves as an intermediary between the all the electrical unit and incoming electricity. The voltages can vary from low that is less than 1 KV to high... Read More

As far as solar solutions are concerned, Tampa homeowners have been investing in PV systems, of late. Thanks to the region’s unlimited sunshine that the residents of the city are leveraging to cut back on their monthly electricity bills while contributing towards a greener environment. However, installing a photovoltaic system (PV) is not easy. You'll find a number of products flooding the market with quality and price ranging from moderate to high. It's difficult to choose the different pieces that make up a solar PV system. The two most important components are the inverters and converters.... Read More

The outlook for public spending on all but the most important power sector infrastructure is a strong headwind, with the Saudi government undertaking fiscal consolidation as it faces up to lower oil revenues. Delays and cancellations to the most ambitious and costly projects across all areas of the power sector remain the biggest risk to our forecasts as the kingdom rationalises spending. Upside risk comes from the strategic importance being placed on gas-fired generation.

Latest Trends And Developments:

? The outlook for Saudi Arabia's economy has deteriorated as lower oil prices... Read More

Whether you are looking to store your fuel for commercial or domestic use, investing in a proper fuel tank is advisable. In the past, fuel tanks were built using only one skin design. Such tanks could contain fuels but created spillage risks among many other problems. With bunded fuels tanks, you do not have to worry about these risks for they are built using safety margins and additional outer tank shells. This design helps contain liquids and allows sufficient space that can contain leaks and spills. Here are reasons why you should begin using bunded fuel tanks today:

1. Prevention... Read More

Owners of small power plants will be able to sell electricity to the grid and become significant players in the market. The idea of connecting a variety of sources to electricity mains is known as distributed energy generation. Homeowners can purchase solar panels and generators to produce both heat and electricity.

Distributed energy generation is not a fix for everything. Yet, it allows creating highly reliable power supply system. An excellent example of this is Germany. According to Fraunhofer ISE, the country hit several records in solar energy in June 2014. It happened that between... Read More

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