Tuesday, February 20, 2018

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Respectful Curiosity, can bring affinity, empathy, understanding, and even love. But first that curiosity will bring us together to at least speak and connect with someone else, someone clearly different in their looks, language and experiences.

So many things we take for granted, we only realize the value of them, till they’re gone. How do you treat things that can be gone any minute, all of it, including your life? Would you appreciate each day and moment, if you knew your last was near. Would you go out of your way and stand up for someone who could be killed for no other reason than... Read More
By AnaG

New Year’s Eve in Japan

This special night is also known as “Oshogatsu” in Japan, and on that night, families always get together only with their closest friends. The way Japanese people decorate their homes is also very interesting, as it represents a symbol of true fortune. There’s one important rule to follow in Japan for New Year’s Eve, and that’s for everyone get rid of all their issues, so that their following year can come with no fuss.

New Year’s Eve in Greece

In Greece, New Year’s Eve is celebrated as the Day of Saint Basil (Agios Vasilis). He is one of the “fathers”... Read More

The blood tests will check for a driver’s alcohol level to determine if it is within or over the specified BAC limit level.

The Supreme Court’s decision is anchored on the Fourth Amendment, which protects the people’s right against unreasonable searches and seizures. A blood test is intrusive of a person’s privacy; it also gives law enforcement a sample specimen from which other information about the person may be derived. And with the option of a breath test which is less privacy-violating, the rationale for a warrantless blood alcohol test diminishes.

A breath test poses no... Read More

A photograph was recently published of a villager carrying his dead wife’s body on his shoulder while his daughter walked alongside crying all the way. The unfortunate incident happened somewhere in the interiors of the backward district of Kalahandi of the state of Odisha. The husband carried his wife’s dead body for 10 kms to his own village. Reports reveal that a hearse was denied to him as he was not in a position to pay for it. But not one person seems to have come to his help. He did not opt for the wife’s cremation in the town where he had taken her for treatment because, in all probability,... Read More

Students going to medical school end up doctors while those opting for accounting become accountants. What about students going for English majors? Surprisingly, there is a lot for them to choose from. Starting with the classics and all the way to some other interesting choices, English is a versatile major that lets you do many things.

1. The Teaching Career

It’s a fact that the majority of the English majors opt for a teaching career. And why wouldn’t they? If you love working with children, this is probably your heaven. And let’s not forget the long vacation. When most people... Read More

If you're trying to choose what to make and sell online, woodworking projects are regularly dismissed because many men and women don't feel that they've the skills required to do these kinds of crafts. It would become a fun project and good fun when it's done for everyone. If you the last of the type then you are going to be happy to know that you can now start simple woodworking projects within your backyard efficiently. You can certainly get injured on account of your woodworking project.

There's no reason to start off with an amazingly complex project if you don't really need to frustrate... Read More

Fair skin has its advantages in India

Way back in 1978, Hindustan Unilever (a division of Unilever in India) launched a skin whitening cream called Fair & Lovely. It's been a runaway success ever since and is going strong even now! That's not all. Fair & Lovely is not only available for women to help them in the eternal quest to become a fair bride (a highly sought after status in India), it now available for men as well! Talk about gender equality!

Contemporary India is obsessed with fair skin. Fair skin is equated with wealth, health, greater social standing, and therefore... Read More

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