Wednesday, July 18, 2018

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I will always be one who looks back. Out of my past, with all its levels of conjured contentedness concealed between cushions of deceit, I draw my emotion. In the losses, I find my determination. In the pain, I uncover energy to search for the truth of healing. In the regret, I discover grace. Out of the stupidity of ill-conceived actions and words, I hunger for wisdom. In the layers of the past, I see the unfolding of the future.

On some days, it is as if I am still stuck back there; on others it is as if I never was. Such is an Odyssey of Grace, a clumsy reconciling of sin and shame... Read More

Christmas fast approaches. Here we are, now in the third week of December. I’m slightly worried; I’m concerned that another tradition may be dying: I’ve yet to see a press article bemoaning the ‘commercialisation’ of the festival, or hear some finger-wagging moralist droning on about how we have all forgotten the ‘true meaning’ of Christmas, meaning the Christian meaning!

There is no scriptural evidence for the date of Christ’s birth. December 25 was alighted on several centuries later because, by happy coincidence, it was a traditionally happy time in the Roman world, the height of... Read More

I take a minute, to look out from the world that is me, to see carefully maintained facades in the all the faces looking back. I understand I am the same, different from what you perceive, disguised in my intentions. I have masks to hide the things that my mind thinks, hiding my brokenness, deceiving you, protecting me. Crafting these masks carefully in the heat of pain, shame polishing the rough edges to a delightful smile, I take cover from you my companion, or you my enemy. These facades have mistakenly become my reality, deceiving myself with this subterfuge, believing my lies. I must... Read More

“Do not give your strength to women, nor your ways to that which destroys kings.” - Hebrew proverb

This wisdom extends to women as well. Exchange the word “women” to “men” and follow my line of thought. My energy being limited, like all of my resources, I must allocate it with economy. Pursuing the opposite sex opens black holes, that will swallow my impetus quickly, leaving me lacking the necessary resources to handle my responsibilities and weakening my resolve to improve myself. Relationships take work, and in this case, less is more. The amount of time, energy, and money expended... Read More

Pastor Fred Phelps (a self-described "Primitive Baptist" preacher fixated on the few Biblical passages that mention homosexuality) and freaks are mainly an all relatives church of roughly 60 people who resemble more of a cult than a religious congregation. After protesting at a military funeral of a non gay serviceman to promote their message, the father of the dead soldier fought back by filing a $2.9 million lawsuit for invasion of privacy and intent to inflict emotional distress.

The question that lays before the Supreme Court is whether the first amendment right of free speech should... Read More

A few years ago an attempt was made in Australia to stop Santa Claus giving his jolly Ho, Ho, Ho greeting to children, substituting Ha, Ha, Ha in its place, anodyne and wholly (!) without any kind of character or provenance. Why? Because ho is slang in America for, well, a ho!

That’s just the sort of thing that would be bound to upset every Australian girl and boy, just as it annoyed every Australian parent, many of whom were discovering for the first time what a ho was and what the jolly old, red-nosed (possible alcohol problem?) fellow was calling for.

Generally speaking Santa... Read More

Questioning one's life values...

I sometimes have difficulty coming to terms with the modern world's culture and often ask myself what is it really all worth for the next generation. What kind of world is it that we honestly desire for our children? Are we really conscience of the choices we make and of the consequences of our decision making for future generations?

In my daily work with at-risk children and young people during my last 20 years in Brazil, I like to believe that what we are offering those children through my organisation, the Children At Risk Foundation, are life... Read More

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