Wednesday, June 20, 2018

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Staff Selection Commission is an organization under Government of India that recruits people to work in ministries and departments of Government of India. Every year SSC draws out applications for various positions that attracts a lot of candidatures. Every candidate goes through two rounds- Written test and personal interview in the selection procedure for a position in Government office.

In the time of increasing competition, the selection procedure is getting tougher. Coaching centers play a major role in preparing the aspirants for SSC positions. Delhi has become a major hub for... Read More

Since the numerous stories about Harvey Weinstein began pouring out in October 2017, the #MeToo campaign has really spread and blown up in size. Not only have the past victims of Harvey Weinstein come forward with their accounts, but many other celebrities and humble citizens alike have Tweeted about their experiences. However, on the 13th January this year Margaret Atwood weighed in with her take on the whole campaign. While (Source) she spoke in support of the campaign and claimed it had been very effective at drawing attention to the scale of this issue, she has faced a huge amount of backlash... Read More

This unusual holiday intertwined different customs: Celtic traditions of praising the dark forces and the Christian tradition of worshiping the saints.

Origin of Halloween

Halloween has been widely celebrated only in the USA and Canada, but now it is gaining popularity in Europe. This holiday has the Celtic roots. Named after pagan creature Samhain “the night of Samhain” marked the end of harvest season and beginning of winter times. Not surprisingly, now the night of Samhain is celebrated everywhere where the foot of the Celts descendants stepped: England, Ireland, Scotland...

... Read More

Dubai is an emerging destination for the students who want to study abroad. There are many reasons for this. It is one of the fastest growing economies and offers a plethora of options for career growth. Since Dubai is a very famous shopping destination it is also ideal for subjects related to management, tourism, and business. It has endless possibilities of finding the training as well as jobs. The strong services driven economy of Dubai offers amenities from telecommunications to banking. Let us have a look at the top courses in Dubai to which the students are applying of late.

MBA... Read More

An icon of any form is a character who defines a culture. The collective work of many Scandinavian mid century designers, such as Arne Jacobsen, were responsible for creating thousands of symbols, that we all recognise as iconic pieces of 60’s pop culture.

An understanding of artistic movements and it’s previous cultural limitations, allows for an insight into the leap these modernists made in a short space of time. Modernist design is connected to the age of ‘machination’ which opened up new possibilities and is typically referred to as anything, just before and up to the end of the... Read More

If you love gardening and are planning to plant roses in your garden, there are varieties of types of roses that you can consider. Growing roses in can be quite confusing for many expert gardeners as well. However, knowing the different types of roses can help you to grow roses’ better and healthy roses in your garden. This article will take a look at various kinds of roses.

A variety of roses that you can consider growing in your garden:

Amongst the roses, there are three main classifications of roses and amongst these three classifications of roses. The three top classifications... Read More

‘Women should empower each other..’

Kolkata saw a glorious event this New Year reflecting this very spirit of women empowerment. The Women’s Economic Forum seminar was held in Kolkata this time on 2nd and 3rd January, 2017 on the theme of “Shakti Unleashed: Awakening the Power Within." The General Manager of JW Marriott, Ms Ranju Alex is delighted to be able to bring in and be a host to International WEF in Kolkata. This Forum supports the empowerment and inspires young women entrepreneurs to dream big and live their dreams.

Through 50 or more sessions and 150 speakers spread... Read More

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