Tuesday, September 18, 2018

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Now picture the scene. By the side of the road a group of male hitchhiker are trying to catch a ride. A nineteen-year-old girl stops to pick them up. The guys refuse to get in. They don’t trust her, they say; they fear they are going to be raped!

You think this is a spoof? Well, I can assure you, it's not. The country in question is Zimbabwe, where three women currently stand accused of picking up male hitchhikers with the intent of harvesting their sperm. The victims apparently were drugged or subdued at knife or gun point before the women forced themselves upon them. In one case a... Read More

Sometimes the distances between what people know of you . . . and what they think of you . . . and what you know of yourself . . . and what you think of yourself . . . and what is true of all of this knowledge and all of these thoughts when sifted out seems as vast as the entire universe. I wonder if God didn't just create all the stars and solar systems for a practice run, knowing that the humans-to-come would be much more difficult to put into motion and save from colliding.

We don't orbit well.

We want to be the center of our own universe; we choose carefully who gets into... Read More

What do the gay people in your church look like? Do you spot them by their flamboyant clothing . . . their mannerisms . . . their declarations?

When a brother or sister in your church came to you to ask you for your help and support in their personal struggle against homosexuality . . . what did you do to walk with them? How did you respond the last time this happened to you?

“Oh . . . we don’t have that problem in our church,” you say?

If you are a typical church, you do.

Statistics show that one out of every five church members has a family member or close friend... Read More

International Women’s day!! Is here again...It’s all about celebrating girl power, women’s success and their profound longevity and accomplishments in various circumstances.

This year I realised that celebrating ‘womanity’ and being a woman encompasses more than applauding the put together business woman, the savvy Mum who manages to do her day job and still keep her family adrift, the ambitious woman leader and the women’s lib. I respect and applaud all the women that represent these institutions and these dynamics. However I feel that I should lend some credit to the other women;... Read More

Where to start, where to start, they’re are so many, I guess I’ll just forge ahead, and start right here.


Geez what a stench, why do they hate us so? Did we not help them against the ‘HUN’? And from NAZI tyranny didn’t we set them free? Never will I set a foot upon that soil, for Anti-American they all seem to be. They hate us so, but hey at least they love our LA MONEY. Come to gay Pairee, stay awhile and spend plenty on us, then we’ll kick you in the ass and put you on the bus. What a small nation they are, but in land, larger than the rest. They have given the... Read More

Since the issue of race has been raised with regard to Barack Obama I’ve been thinking more widely about the American obsession with ‘roots’ and labels of all kinds, in particular the label ‘African American.’ It’s one that Obama himself leans on, even though his mother was white.

I simply don’t understand the point of this; I simply don’t understand why the label American is not sufficient in itself. I know it was devised to escape terms like ‘negro’, to give black people an identity and heritage specific to themselves, just as white people were in the habit of describing themselves... Read More

Hey, why don't you people go back to Africa?

This question was posed to me one afternoon while walking home from school by a somewhat angry freckle faced teenager. The incident took place in Boston during the "forced busing" initiative of the 1970s. I never really gave the question much thought back then; I just added it to the list of insults I had become accustom to as a black boy growing up in one of the most racially charged environments on the East coast. But more than thirty years later, I still remember the angry teen and his simple question. Did he seriously believe that African... Read More

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