Thursday, September 20, 2018

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Many Angelenos will start celebrating Hannukah this coming Friday. Here are a few interesting ideas for things to do. For those of you who feel like brushing up on your holiday cooking (and being a little of a couch latke), you might want to check out the Food Network's Sara's Secrets on Thursday December 14th at 10:00am. The show will offer some easy recipes, including Red-Wine Braised Beef Brisket with Horseradish Sauce and Aunt Rifka's Apple Fritters. For those of you caught in 405 traffic on your way to the menorah lighting, you can get into the holiday spirit by tuning into XM Satellite... Read More

We tried to figure out where the person was coming from who uttered this phrase to her. All we could come up with was fear of the unknown, fear of the misunderstood. In further conversation, we discussed the ensuing war being waged for this holiday season. I use the word war, because this is the word being used by some to describe Christian's belief that there is an effort to eliminate Christmas. I am not so sure of its being an eradication of Christmas as much as an effort to include the other religions that make up the fabric of our society. In an effort to include all faiths, a simple... Read More

You would think America's beloved comedian, Jerry Seinfeld, would distance himself as far as possible from a racist hatemonger and aficionado of the lynching of African-Americans. But no, and no one seems to care. Except, well, me, apparently, because I believe Jerry Seinfeld has been let off the hook much too easily because he's Jerry Seinfeld. Over three weeks ago, Michael Richards, who is "Kramer" on the TV juggernaut "Seinfeld," called for the murder of four African-American audience members for "interrupting a white man" (his terminology, check the tape), and chased them out of the Laugh... Read More

If Barack Obama, an African-American, is elected President of the United States in 2008, what will happen? There will be a run on ice skates in Hell. What are "Right-bots?" Americans who robotically do whatever their lying, hypocritical, wacked-out right wing leaders (Rush, O'Reilly, Hannity, Dobson, Savage, etc.) command because they won't wake up, see they're being used for profit and start thinking for themselves. The opposite of "liberals," like me. What is a better nickname for George W. Bush than "Dubya?" "Dumbya." What is an even better nickname for George W. Bush? "The Man Who Knew... Read More
One of the benefits of being in the Screen Actor’s Guild during awards season is that you get to go to free screenings. Sometimes you get to go to screenings before they even open. That’s pretty cool---until lately. Lately the studios have been afraid that people are stealing their movies. Some people are stealing their movies. Not me. Tonight I went to a screening of “The Good Shepherd” and before they would let me in, they wanted to take my camera phone. Are you kidding me? “The Good Shepherd” is a movie about the start of the CIA. I think these guys have been watching their movie... Read More
Last week everyone's favorite soft speaking, lady killing, rapper and marijuana enthusiast found himself back in handcuffs, and led off to a holding cell. Snoop Dog (Calvin Broadus) was arrested for possession of a handgun, and possession of what has only been described as a large amount of marijuana. He was also charged with having an illegal secret compartment in his vehicle. This comes nearly one month after a warrant was issued for him on charges from a pending trial for a previous arrest on September 27, for attempting to bring a baton onto a plane in New York. He was charged with a felony... Read More
There isn’t anything innovative about changing baby diapers, unless you’re some of the new dads sporting the latest trend in diaper bags. Forget the stylish diaper vests or the “masculine” dark colored diaper bags, these new bags are made out of truck and tractor tire inner tubes, trimmed with hemp and include a battery operated light. In fact, there’s a whole line of these handcrafted, recycled bags including a variety of purses, Ipod cases, DVD cases, baby bags, totes and messenger bags. The inner tubes that make the bags are collected from tire centers before the tires are discarded.... Read More

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