Monday, June 18, 2018

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A small green plaque reads `Ancient Playground’, the entrance a pair of black cast-bronze gates set between tall rectangular pillars of polished pink granite; topped by bears on the left – one upright – three deer on the other. The pillars are engraved in gold letters, dedicated to William Church Osborn –


A dogwalker crosses 5th Avenue, stopping by the picket fence and juggles three assorted dogs; a beagle, a Jack Russell and an errant Afghan. There’s a smattering of Central Park snow.

I catch the dogwalker’s eye and ask... Read More

Strange figures are painted in broad strokes of red ochre – Wandjina spirit-men – eerie round faces with big pools for eyes. I stand next to Maurice, “a Worara blackfella” and a driver at local mines. I ask him why they have no mouths. His voice is hushed, as he points at the staring spaceman figures. “Ah, you see bro, these spirits, they have much magic; so much power. They have no need for mouths.” He knows these spirits well. “We must be respectful, ‘cause if offended, lightning will strike us dead for sure.”

We’re at the far northwest of Australia amidst 1000km of serrated and sunburnt... Read More

Crucifixion was the standard Roman form of punishment for capital offenses against Rome, and hence was practiced on a large scale in Judea under the Roman occupation. All acts of rebellion against Rome were concluded a capital offense. Josephus reports many such incidents of crucifixion i.e.

Antiochus IV crucified Jews in Jerusalem those who would not relinquish their faith; The most popular crucifixion of Christ was also perform as a method to recoil a potential and developing rebellion, an insurgence which was expected by the Roman politicians to be growing among the devout practicing... Read More

We’d passed by here before – wandering the streets of Trondheim, Norway – past tall and ornate, diamond timber-panelling on grand double gates, always shut; the name in sweeping letters across the arched pediment above : `Thomas Angells Hus'. This time, en-route to Nidaros cathedral, I pay little attention, until my girlfriend stops. Today, it seems an inset central door is open. We brave the stream of darting cyclists to cross the cobblestone road.

From the open door a sumptuous courtyard unfolds; sunlit, lush but apparently deserted. Another bicycle leans against a rendered wall, the... Read More

Target Sundays@MOLAA Celebrates Womens History Month

Long Beach - The month of March has been designated as Women's History Month and International Women's Day has been observed every year on March 8, since the early 1900's. There was over 16,000 events scheduled all across the United States and Global celebrations.

Women's History Month celebrates the achievements of women in all aspects of life. The Museum of Latin American Art in Long Beach held their annual Women's History Month program on Sunday, March 10. Several hundred people were in attendance to support and promote... Read More

It's late winter and it's Citizen Kane that brings me here, just south of Columbus Circle, NYC; to a castle of a place built in 1928 for William Randolph Hearst’s publishing empire. Hearst was a powerful man – with a thing about castles it seems – his newspapers read by 1 in 4 Americans and at the time already owning a twin-towered Mediterranean castle in California.

The young director Orson Welles was about tearing castles down, producing the film Citizen Kane in 1941; a thinly veiled biography of Hearst.

It’s 4pm, already dark, and with head down I push through sheets of rain.... Read More

To the west, lay a somehow insignificant cityscape: the stacked steel and glass profile of a floating Manhattan. We’re among 7700 tonnes of precision-cut gleaming white stone taken from 12,100 tonnes of quarried granite: an architect’s melding of modern imagination and ancient form, the 1.5-hectare Franklin D Roosevelt Four Freedoms Park.

I’m reminded of the bridge of a great white battleship. Roosevelt’s 1933 bronze bust stares into a cold wind straight off the North Atlantic. The bust sits in a three sided alcove on a raised table of solid granite; the walls 4m-tall. At half a tonne... Read More

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