Saturday, September 23, 2017

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THE WIND CHIME AND THE SHRINK. RIGINAL. An example of using a basic word with a ring to it in a conversation between an inanimate object,a depressed wind chime, and his shrink. By Professor I Scoff (PHD English Basiconewordof)

SCENE: Wind chime knocks or at least tinkles the ivory door knob on his Shrink's solid oak door in downtown New York, the core of App Apple happiness and cognitive analytical seed sowing Shrink domain for the betterment of American depressed inanimate objects slightly at odds with the world around them. Not to be confused with politicians that go 'bleep' in the... Read More


Jim Just just lay there. Or was it Just Jim lying there just? One thing Jim was proud of and justly so, was that his imagination didn't lie to him. I mean he had the reins. And he gave it free rein. He knocked on the door of imagination. He didn't have that long to live so why not share his thoughts? (knock knock). IMAGINATION: "Coming! coming! Jim i'll only co-operate in accordance with strict protocol that you listen to my story without interruption. Imagination can be likened to a wind chime frozen in a blizzard. It will only chime when favored... Read More

On the contrary, most employees are fired due to the absence of people skills such as professional behaviour at the workplace and effective communication; also known as soft skills. Both, hard and soft skills are essential in a professional milieu as a combination of both creates an effective, efficient, successful and creative workforce which in turn results in a growing organisation.

Understanding hard & soft skills

Hard skills are those required to perform a job including learned skills geared to train an individual for a professional career. These are mostly tangible skills,... Read More

Nowadays, a man has become completely dependent on a computer. Be it any task in the office or at your school, there is a need for a computer. Earlier people used to maintain handwritten information regarding everything, their contacts, their calculations, their business records, etc. Storing the information on paper was not even safe, and the papers used to get worn out over the period. So, with the growth in business and other activities, people started migrating to a safer and a more reliable platform to keep all important details intact. A computer, hence, has been a boon to the human society... Read More

When it comes to small business logo design, there are tons of choices. When you search in Google, there are just so many websites offering logo design services and you simply don’t know which one is better and how to choose. I have started several business in the past and therefore have designed several logos online. I can’t tell you which logo website is the best but there are few tips that I can share when searching for my logo designers.

Quality logo design portfolio at

A quality logo design portfolio is what I look for when searching for my online logo... Read More

A number of companies prefer static web design over others because static websites are more user friendly as well as cheaper. Most businesses, that just enter into the online world, likes to have a static website design as it is very simple to operate and quicker.

Just like a brochure, static design of websites is considered a collection of pages in a sequence. This design is programmed in HTML format as well as saved on a server or external hard drive, etc. static web design contains simple graphics and text on pages that are linked to each other. If you want to add or change something... Read More

No doubt an age old hiring practice but it goes on; interview is the most crucial aspect especially for small businesses where all hires must be luminaries. Irrespective if you see yourself as a great judge of character, investing time and effort into the interview session and plotting questions before the candidate arrives is significant. Doing so would help you accurately measure potential to hire one against another lest there’s any shortfall.

Besides the usual and rather “dumb” questions such as tell me about yourself, focus on what you actually want from the session. Doing so would... Read More

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