Monday, December 11, 2017

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The first time I read through this jumble, I only understood half of the message but when I relaxed it was easy. Also when the background is a darker blue (When I copied and pasted), it is very simple to pick out the words. For some reason it is even more relaxing and the words seem to pop up from the page.

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It was the most brilliant of times that I have ever known, the morning’s bright, blue and blushing with gorgeous reservation. For the very first time I can hear my calling so sure and clear, adaptive and viral whistling in the wind daily.

Blessed am I, for I have seen my angel, illuminating her beauty in its illustrious perfection, like an exquisite stallion of gentility, refinement and wonder. Most gracious is my awe, in anticipation of her lights splendor. Never again will I be able to contain my emotions for they are forever exposed to her light, like the pure darkness of the night... Read More

The title above contains some of the most valuable words in the English language, and in the world of creative writing, their probably the most effective ones an author will ever use.

To an unknown writer like myself, I was virtually lost while attempting to craft my first manuscript. I had a story and characters in mind, scenery where dramatic action and conversations would happen, along with various feelings, sensations, passions, and other crazy emotions I wanted the reader to experience. In my mind, I knew what the story would look like, say, on television or up on the silver screen.... Read More

DYSLEXIA. (N): Impaired ability to read. NOTE: Not caused by low intelligence. In my case I embrace both with a savage passion. Don't have a 'memory' which I purposely shut down at a very young age too but that hasn't stopped me from doing what Iexcell at. Being an idiot.

If you were to give me a large sum of money I wouldn't remember your name the next day. As opposed to my missus who can remember my name with a mental prod and intensive word desalination. "Will you stop crying and give me that bloody wallet? Hello! going shopping, be buck soon. Can you massage just here I've... Read More

STEWPIFIED. riginal.

When I was a child, many many secondhand vegies ago, and gaining skeletal strength-growing muscle momentum- via my mum's vibrant stews, my learning capacity increased. My Mum Mary's stews allowed me freedom of movement. IE: exemption from classes early due to my perchant for the loo. A runaway success. In my stew 'downtime' I learned a lot. You see it was the paper fashion at home at least, to use the daily newspaper as loo paper. Playboy was too shiny.

I used to read the news...beforehand. It left an imprint on my being. Both beings. Those early reading... Read More

LOVE LURKS.riginal.

Love is a powerful emotional elixir that has no boundaries. I had a pet lovesick male Kangaroo that fell in love with a cute canary. Let me explain. I saved the orphaned kangaroo from a bush fire. It was actually the kangaroo's BUSH that nearly caught fire!

It rocked up one night, bounced, hopped and bopped onto my bush stove as I sat reading a Cuban cookbook deep in the bowels of downtown Blackfoot country. By the time I put the smoulder out with my white feet I was bushed...and had blackfeet.

Had the baby kangaroo not been wearing non-inflammable... Read More


An interview by Randy Sumtimes lead female interviewer CNN. Novelist, former wild stray pig shooter (accidently shot her stray-ing husband) and 'do-it-youself' autopsy expert. Her acclaimed novel 'if the pig strays shoot him...wipe your prints off the butt after'achieved record sales. The incidence of straying pigs in New York bars co-incidently- dropped dramatically.

Almost overnight 'strays' eliminated from most watering holes that Randy frequents as part of her 'interviewer' job. The odd glassy-eyed little grunter can... Read More

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Agree Barb, throwing the baby out with the bath water 'aint the answer. Take care. :>)

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I know Rigina, when it takes a week for legite comments to appear it is upsetting, and it is killing the site slowly. Surely there must be a better way to address the spammers and floggers. Also taking away ratings if you do not post in a period of...

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ed i was one of the original complainers about people using this site to flog their stuff. Now legite comments don't show?