Sunday, February 25, 2018

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What is been commonly projected as morality are mostly selfish beliefs by an individual or a cult to keep masses obedient. The cult can hide in many masks that of religion, god, nation, race or colour. If any of the former is referred as the key towards morality then it is clearly the worst disgrace humanity can ever have, because it is visible in plain sight how many animal species take care of their elderly and young ones, how they help and protect each other for survival. The same animals that are considered inferior to humans are capable of all these things and still some keep on insisting... Read More

Think low and think high.

Oh, the thinks you can think up

if only you try!

Dr. Seuss

I have often needed help during my first year on the internet. I still barely understand 21st century technology. Other writers always answer my how toquestions. More importantly, fellow bloggers comment on articles, award them and promote my blog without expecting anything in return. What an unexpected example of Christian charity for a ‘stranger’ who is a novice on the computer. For example, seeker told me what a Daily Prompt was and how to link to another blog. I had struggled... Read More


He sat bemused. Licked dry lips. Yawned in anticipation. Borderline Boredom. Shifted the rug under his feet. A nervous habit. Wished he'd never heard of Fred sometimes, wished he'd never agreed pon mutual handshake to take him on. Rued the day Fred came bearing his pathetic load of inconsequential musings: more rantings, he guessed, than a good down-to-earth- "you'll be okay Fred but you must move on, get with it, get over your lost love 'Tiger.' Weird name for a female. Fred couldn't pay...just small gifts...pathetic.

The counsellor didn't have any particular... Read More


Part of a song,which is so apt these days/daze. Look this pblog is dead set plboring. Pour yourself a Bloody Mary then argue with her for it is probably "bloody Mary" who made you poor? We all have a cross to bear but if you guys/girls get cross with your partner then isn't a problem "shared" an enablement to rid oneself of the burden or weight thereof of the cross? If we all fall down then isn't it better to have half a cross on your shoulder than to bear the full weight of "cross examination." Ie: "You came in drunk last night with lipstick... Read More

A reading prompt once challenged me to:Write about how you choose to write about others in your blog. (Friends, family, etcSeriously, does every other writer logically plan out their articles, essays, short stories and books with their left brain? I simply cannot function like that. When an episode or opinion has popped into my brain, I did not consciously choose to write about that topic or person. It was an eureka moment, that surprised me. I wonder,

"Where did that thought or memory come from? I haven't thought about him for years!"

Suddenly a story springs to mind. I have... Read More

I woke with a sweat drenched pillow, the dreams that enthralled me were just out of reach but I could struggle and recall them if I didn't hesitant any longer and with that thought, I pulled back the sounds of voices, calling like the fine wind and string instruments of lyre and lute. The voices were right, wisdom echoed in their cadence as I found my ship drawn inextricably to their haunting direction. Have you ever smelled perfume? Not the cheap whorish variety that smelled like cotton candy but a subtle scent that lingered long after she left the room? That's how her voice seemed, a wafting... Read More


J P Pickaword, the world's most travelled revered writer, handsome, famously articulate- world at his feet. Been dare done dat. Jumped/fell/pushed/loved - off glaciers. Fought hand-to-bland fights with the tactical 'tax evasion' Grunters. Experienced everything life had/had not-to offer. Drank heavily from the well of adrenalin encounters of a third...and fourth time. Voracious appetite for the mystic- of- self. Drank heavily after his divorce...after visiting his kids...upon losing friends.

The audience was small. No matter, less clatter.... Read More

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Agree Barb, throwing the baby out with the bath water 'aint the answer. Take care. :>)

Musings Of A Poet

I know Rigina, when it takes a week for legite comments to appear it is upsetting, and it is killing the site slowly. Surely there must be a better way to address the spammers and floggers. Also taking away ratings if you do not post in a period of...

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ed i was one of the original complainers about people using this site to flog their stuff. Now legite comments don't show?