Friday, October 20, 2017

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Writers block an interesting subject;

Taking a critical view of the reasons a writer would suddenly stumble, unable to find a subject and the right sentence structure to capture forever and immortalize the most effective words on paper.

It would seem that for no apparent reason this dreaded shut down in creativeness and imagination just all of a sudden, when you least expect it, falls on you like a heavy rain cloud hovering over head, when all at once it releases the biggest pellet drops of rain to spoil your enjoyable picnic.

All writers know the frustrating moments when... Read More

If something looks too good to be blue after you have been socked in the eye then wait fifteen minutes.

A bird in the hand is worth poo in the bush if you squeeze it too hard.

Slow and steady wins bugger all.

A friend in need is an absolute bloody nuisance. Run away before he kneed you. If he already has no kneed to run, crawl! slither! Whatever it takes!

Many hands make light work until the myopic goose about to screw it in sticks his clumsy finger in the light socket and the line of 'Many Hands' holding hands on Monday fast forward to Fry day...ENLIGHTED!...and... Read More


"We came we're sore we're just about conked out over man's INHUMANITY." Editor:'Comet News' First ALIEN Edition 4billion years. ago.

We came down from the planets sent here by a God

An easy ball park set-up with just a brilliant nod.

From microbes you were born aft dusty nuclear rain

Air water and a conscience instilled at such great pain.

The early laws were struck in stone and giant hand

The marauders of the peace had scant fear of restful bland.

They pillaged and they plundered tore the earth apart

Then... Read More


I resplendicated myself out of bed this morning. Looked resplendent in my night attire did I. Walked into my en-suite, sat, rose, found my face and washed it. I couldn't help but think as I was shaving how mankind and the odd unkind woman (see below: attacked husband with sharpened fists of fury) has propelled us as human beings in such a forward motion of technological foray into the future of gadgetry and battery powered stimulation whether we we ever look back and wonder/ponder for example if parts of what we take for granted were suddenly... Read More

What is been commonly projected as morality are mostly selfish beliefs by an individual or a cult to keep masses obedient. The cult can hide in many masks that of religion, god, nation, race or colour. If any of the former is referred as the key towards morality then it is clearly the worst disgrace humanity can ever have, because it is visible in plain sight how many animal species take care of their elderly and young ones, how they help and protect each other for survival. The same animals that are considered inferior to humans are capable of all these things and still some keep on insisting... Read More

Think low and think high.

Oh, the thinks you can think up

if only you try!

Dr. Seuss

I have often needed help during my first year on the internet. I still barely understand 21st century technology. Other writers always answer my how toquestions. More importantly, fellow bloggers comment on articles, award them and promote my blog without expecting anything in return. What an unexpected example of Christian charity for a ‘stranger’ who is a novice on the computer. For example, seeker told me what a Daily Prompt was and how to link to another blog. I had struggled... Read More


He sat bemused. Licked dry lips. Yawned in anticipation. Borderline Boredom. Shifted the rug under his feet. A nervous habit. Wished he'd never heard of Fred sometimes, wished he'd never agreed pon mutual handshake to take him on. Rued the day Fred came bearing his pathetic load of inconsequential musings: more rantings, he guessed, than a good down-to-earth- "you'll be okay Fred but you must move on, get with it, get over your lost love 'Tiger.' Weird name for a female. Fred couldn't pay...just small gifts...pathetic.

The counsellor didn't have any particular... Read More

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Agree Barb, throwing the baby out with the bath water 'aint the answer. Take care. :>)

Musings Of A Poet

I know Rigina, when it takes a week for legite comments to appear it is upsetting, and it is killing the site slowly. Surely there must be a better way to address the spammers and floggers. Also taking away ratings if you do not post in a period of...

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ed i was one of the original complainers about people using this site to flog their stuff. Now legite comments don't show?