Monday, July 16, 2018

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Just sitting listening to some 'wild boys' in a tattoo parlour in town. The one that was tattooing the Bald Eagle on my armis also a gifted cartoonist. Why a Bald Eagle? Simple. If i ever get kidnapped by American Republicans - apparently they're short of 'gang' members sometimes- they'll lift my tee-shirt sleeve up and say "this guy has good taste we'll brainwash him into thinking he can actually soar like an Eagle and let him fly home to Australia after he registers as a transient voting bird of pray...which apparently Republicans are encouraged to do?" Speaking of... Read More

L Abrupt...PRIVATE DICK. riginal.

Name's Abrupt. Short for Abruptly. Short transposition. Call me Lee Abrupt, i'm taller than my secretary sister, short Lee.

Shortly my fly buzzed. The intercom had been cut off...enter free rent-a-fly...the fly you rent when intercourse verbal with your intercom has been sheared by the office 'removalists.'

Short Lee picked up the fly...the message was brief, a strangled buzz. It was the fly. "Stop squeezing me!"

I sat staring out the window. Short Lee pulled her mini-skirt down over her knees in an anti-freeze attempt to keep warm.That's... Read More


Once upon a well hammered timber beam in Oregon...spruced up and driven in, lived a happy family of nails. Mother Nail,Father Nail, Brad the son, short,thin bright (Brad was the weak link as he couldn't support as much as he should).

Gal (short for Galvanised Nail) Nail a short twisted daughter you couldn't rust as far as you could hammer her, and gnarled old bent over Grandpa nail. The year was 2O14, a good year for nails. You see living in a fairly remote area was the key to the family's happiness.

The family stood together in a steely tight- knit unison,... Read More


Okay! Getting really really pissed off renovating. I have got falling off a short ladder, tripping over bricks n' things and head-butting horsehair plaster walls down to a fine blind art. I was informed that it is real horsehair? How terrible. I'd hate to be a retired horse. Glued or plastered just because you're old and can no longer jump run or chase a fox. And that goes for the horse as well. I'm sick of chasing foxes. I'm tired. I didn't wash tonight and i don't really care...i may never wash again. Bought a hi-powered cordless drill.... Read More

Griller. RIGINAL.

Three female gorillas lived in a zoo with an ageing male. George preferred to lay back and watch Animal kingdom. Growing up he lived a pretty hairy life. He developed a bad back didn't get out much, his swinging days were relatively fact relatively speaking he had relatively few relatives left to swing with. He wanted to hand the sexual reins over to a younger male but no-one wanted to horse around and wind up saddled with three females 24/7.

Sexually George had done what was expected of him. His children were scattered in zoos across the world, even... Read More

Renovate or Detonate. riginal.

Have you ever touched something you wished you hadn't and i'm not talking sex, although perhaps it could be classed as a 'touchy' subject depending on the 'x' factor. Fact is in fact the sex act or pact 'pat' between a couple is severely diminished if there isn't a modicum of lust, Not that i'm a great expert but i read such in a very respectable glossy journal. Think it started with P and ended with Y. Why ppplay round or wander if love is still there? I hear you stutter? Anyway your sexual directional exploits are not my business. And i don't think what... Read More

Timothy Pike, freelance copy editor ,The Importance Of Being Edited

.Now I do have the articles edited that I post on CatholicMom. CatholicLane, CatholicStand and Catholic Attachment Parenting but this was editing was on a whole other level.Every change came with an explanation in the margin, either it was for clarification, a note to avoid repeating words or a change in accordance with the Chicago Manual of Style. The changes were enough to polish my articles and raise them up a notch…ummm.. a notch or 2 or 3 ! Timothy pointed out things which never would have occurred to me. You know... Read More

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Agree Barb, throwing the baby out with the bath water 'aint the answer. Take care. :>)

Musings Of A Poet

I know Rigina, when it takes a week for legite comments to appear it is upsetting, and it is killing the site slowly. Surely there must be a better way to address the spammers and floggers. Also taking away ratings if you do not post in a period of...

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ed i was one of the original complainers about people using this site to flog their stuff. Now legite comments don't show?