Thursday, September 20, 2018

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There are so many people who want to write today. Some want to write books and make a living out of it, some want to blog and become known for that and some just want to share their thoughts with whoever wants to read them. In any case, people want to grow and develop their writing skills. Here are some ways to do that.

Getting rid of unnecessary filler words

Well, they kinda stand on your, like, way. There are some words both in conversational speech and written language that you want to use less. Often these are words such as “like”, “you know”, “well”, “sort of/kind of”,... Read More


Floggers put down your vinyl comments. Rest your weary replica butts. Oh religious ones of nary a comment when presented with anything remotely suggestive of smoke and mirror 'insert' by over imaginative Biblical scholars of yore inscription.

Bit like the author of 'Chariots of the Gods.' "I entered this cave and saw...!" A chap in the cave with the over imaginative author admonished the descriptive 'Aladdin's Cave' insert in what was an interesting doco to say the least, saying that it was a load of descriptive... Read More


Don't know whether you guys and or some of the 'welcome floggers' on a night off watched the latest film spiel interpret on Houdini's life? Episodic as it was i stopped watching halfway through the second episode.

Not only was Houdini's script over exaggerated in my opinion re involvement with the German 'spy' task, but quite frankly i tired not of the great man's unknotting and supreme escapism...i got tired of listening to his whinging wife. She just pissed me off something awful with her portrayal as the fearful one, "don't do this Houdini,... Read More

Everybody would always want to live a good and healthy life with their family and friends. However, as technology advances, living a good life with the family would already be impossible. For instance, one aspect which was really affected when technology have given us the cell phones, laptops and other gadgets and devices was the relationship that should exist among members of the family. Communication was affected because everybody were already engrossed using their cellular phones and electronic devices and gadgets. They also become less productive because of these devices. For instance,... Read More

RADIO TURN ON. riginal.

Look, i just realized of late the perpetuational value of flog. See i had this crazy obscene crass notional distant cloudy errant obscure idea that blogging was a communication of means whereupon people sat at their keyboards and racked the cloudy grey area with thought provoking emulsion and suddenly a story or observance rose like an oil slick from the inner cognitive tanker depths...holed and leaking inspiration unstoppable. Unquenchable font of lifeboat words spread across the A4 sea of other words a gem of an idea which takes root and becomes... Read More


Long John Silver. Born, died. Most pirates and one-eyed politicians do. But first a commercial. The best way to make your house look like a million dollars? Buy a million dollar house. However if you can only afford cheap and somewhat nasty, instead of central heating...substitute with 'seek all' heating. Your missus will love you for it because you will entwine physically just to keep up the circulation. You see passion my dear dear spam scanners if adhered to and grasped at every opportune, there's no reason or excuse to not. Spammers are rather like... Read More

essssay CAPITALIZATION. Riginal.

Okay students are you all sitting up? Aware! Capitulation or giving into rife (no, not rice) sago comments has been done to death. What ails the site and sticky in my craw, is the circumference of downright 'doggie do' comment but as they say in the classics...shit happens...again and again. But you see a gain forthcoming? No you don't now do you?

For instance a smart student would concentrate on pursuing a tactile non erroneous approach to flogging bad company wares and may i add people are aware that there's no intrinsic goodly gain in for example,... Read More

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Musings Of A Poet

Agree Barb, throwing the baby out with the bath water 'aint the answer. Take care. :>)

Musings Of A Poet

I know Rigina, when it takes a week for legite comments to appear it is upsetting, and it is killing the site slowly. Surely there must be a better way to address the spammers and floggers. Also taking away ratings if you do not post in a period of...

Musings Of A Poet

ed i was one of the original complainers about people using this site to flog their stuff. Now legite comments don't show?