Saturday, January 19, 2019

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Considering Dubai as the largest business hub that attracted the world’s attention with its latest innovations and skyscrapers, it is important for a company based in Dubai or worldwide to have an attractive and catchy web design.

Web design is a medium of online presence, it is the global visibility of your business that should be stand out. Particularly in Dubai where competition is at its best, you should need an attractive website that would effectively produce you customers.

Having a website is the best way to promote your business online; here we discuss some basic needs... Read More

It is not an infamous relationship. But the importance of teenage friends is often realize once they are gone. Most of the people who talk about their teenage friends are not any more in contact with them. But their sweet memories never leave us alone in any phase of our life. Thinking of them always puts a smile on our faces but are we ready to express to them that they mean a lot to us.

Even the ones, who were used to be made fun of, bring smile on our faces at an age of 35 or even above.

Friends in the Family

A person grows up in with his cousins, relative’s uncles and... Read More


Was old. Way way past his use-by- date. The frail heartstrings of his life's purpose hanging tentatively, moaning,straining, uncaring. Uncaring destination.Weather beaten body creases- cracks, he no longer had the energy. Had lost control over his passion for the Chinese neighbor. The spark had splintered, dissolved, diminished- bland acceptance of unfulfilled. She was too young and self possessed, ignored him.The one thing that kept him swaying in life's breeze of want was the inane picture self conjured amid his late night sly observance of her as she looked directly... Read More

The world that we live in today is the digitally influenced world, where everything that we do is related to digital technology and everything we communicate is on digital media. Talking about smart phones, cameras, social activities, and so on, we seem to be over influenced by these digital technologies so much that now it’s almost impossible to even think of living without them.

Taking opportunity of the fact that there is a world of customers on the digital arena, companies around the globe are now investing time, effort and money in marketing over the medium so that maximum reach... Read More

If you want to create a stellar impression in the minds of these youngsters, then you will consider a personalized gift for their birthdays or any other special occasions in their lives.

Best RC Helicopter for Kids

Comparing to playing alone at home, kids are normally more like to share their toys with their little friends. Thus if you are intend to please them with a interesting toy, you’d better choose a cool and appealing one that allow them to have a great playing time with friends. Speaking of this, no other toys can be as wonderful as Toy Helicopters for Sale in surprising... Read More


The old elk stood irresolute, its battle -scarred flanks quivered with resignation. Displaying scant fear it lifted its head,gazed at the forest,then blankly at its tormentor as he took aim and gently squeezed off a series of rapid shots. The weary animal posed again, then nudged the hunter's pocket for his reward.


He scooped angrily in the murky water. The ensuing turbulence alerted her, she evaded him despite blood trailing from the deadly cut in her side. They had separate mutual respect at first, but respect gave way to murderous intent.... Read More


In the studio with me today i have 103- year- old Eric Dribble (on occasion) who turned his failing memory into a powerful tool. Eric, welcome. Are you ready to be drilled?"

ERIC:" Bore me."

Riginal:" Eric you were saying before we came on air that you found your memory was failing. Indeed, it must have been a nuisance getting out of your car with your retractable seat belt on prior to vege shopping and did you overcome this Eric?"

ERIC:" Well young bland, first i lengthened the seat belt."

R:" And how did... Read More

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