Tuesday, January 23, 2018

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When the world is crazy about LED shower head, you must be out-dated if you haven’t heard about this name before. What makes these new-style Led faucets so special? Well, indicating the temperature of water is primary functionality of ABS Handheld Bath Shower Head. Blue lights are displayed when water is too cold, while hot water is indicated utilizing the red light. Apart from that, lights are designed to be quite visually appealing.

Apart from the visual feast LED Waterfall Bathroom Faucets brought to bathroom, they are also easy to install. Ease and convenience of installing LED... Read More

Color changing LED hand shower was introduced into the market as the most intelligent and personalized shower choice for modern families. What makes them unique and different from normal shower heads? Well, the key to their popularity is their impeccable feature showing the water temperature visually, and that you can never get from normal ABS Handheld Bath Shower Head.

Apart from the visual aid it provides to the end users, some other advantages are also being discussed here Bathroom LED Spray Shower.

You might be thinking so far that the above system would require more cash... Read More

One of the most unique and interesting new ways to shape up your home or get one for cheap is to simply refurbish an old container. You can get them relatively cheap and they can provide you with all the resources that you need to build anything you want. What makes shipping containers interesting today is that they are a cheap and easily available resource that you can use to not only make yourself a home but also expand already existing homes and create all kinds of interesting spaces. The cheap price of shipping container combined with their good thermal and sound isolation capabilities... Read More

Wedding photography has been described many different ways. It has been lauded by photographers from others fields who recognize the complexity and simplicity that is required in order to achieve beautiful photographs. In addition to this, individuals and couples who believe that prices are too expensive have assailed it. While there are differences of opinions, the fact of the matter is that wedding photographs can capture a special event that can last for numerous generations. There are ways that professionals can enhance the wedding photographs.

Enhancing wedding photographs takes... Read More

You have always wanted a home bar and it is finally time to make one. Still, you are unsure whether you will be up to task yourself, or should you hire professional to do it for you. The reasons for doubting yourself probably originate from the fact that you are not quite certain what is the best building procedure, what are the usual steps, which materials and tools you need and how long will it take to build a normal sized home bar, to name a few. No need to worry. If you are at least somewhat skilled in woodwork and have already used some of the woodwork tools, you will be able to build... Read More


Look! i'm not picking on Florida in particular as i like to spread my picking universally. I want to talk about danger if i may and if you say i mayent i'll talk about it anyway. Isn't free speech after all, free...until free education comes to a full stop? Despite the confounded dictionary confines of "mayent is not a word" does that implistically impunify that i mayent have my say? Must one be tarred by the bullying pedantic stuffy righteous crowd ensconced around the language outer periphery barbed wire barrier of dic, (if you're not sure what dic is or means...undo... Read More

Once again, STORY the famous bookstore of Kolkata has proved its mettle in organizing events in its signature style. They organized an event on 14th January 2015 where the budding author Kala Devi launched her book ‘Living, Longing and Loving and the famous Bollywood actor cum director Imtiaz Ali was the showstopper and his fans got the chance to interact with him. This event was filled with fun and excitement which has been the trade mark of STORY.

Launch of Kala Devi’s Book

The event started with author Kala Devi recounting her experience: “I am very passionate about storytelling... Read More

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