Friday, November 16, 2018

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It has no form, no real structure, no bodily shape or untoward appearance that makes it stand out-just ever-changing.The beast of Opinion. Sometimes it strides rampant, forceful, squashing hope, the desire to destroy, uplifting-depending on its mood. Chameleon like it twists, turns in an instant to berate,scorn, safe in the knowledge it wears computerized 'keyboard warrior' armor. Wears jealousy like a tight fitting glove of sentiment. Other times when it doesn't feel threatened it spreads a modicum of platitude grabbed greedily by the recipient starving... Read More

People were witnesses of the birth of a new art, which is considered as the invention of the pioneers of cinema - Lumiere brothers.

The boys, Louis and Auguste Jean Louis Marie, from childhood grew up in an atmosphere of creativity, as their father painted pictures. He was fond of photography and photographic plates, which were made in his factory. At this factory, Louis subsequently worked after graduating from technical school. He was totally fascinated by his work, and was especially interested in a light projection of "moving pictures."

Louis was much closer to the technical... Read More

The task which a commerce student needs the most help with, is - accounting assignment; for accounting is proven to be the most challenging subject in the curriculum of B-schools. Writing an accountancy paper requires a lot of efforts and expertise, but a student can easily receive high grades in his/her accounting assignment by using these five simple tips- 1. Read the question carefully

Yes, it is an obvious one, but you might get surprised to know that one of the most common reasons for the failure of assignments is that students don’t answer the question that had been asked, or... Read More

MBA is a globally recognized professional degree and thousands of aspirants all across the globe are churning their minds out in attaining it, and subsequently making a flourishing career. Students dream of working in managerial positions or to own a venture of their own and to work consciously towards achieving it, they want to prepare from the early stage in their lives. During their academic tenure, students are given assignments so that they can learn to apply concepts on to a tangible situation.

An outstanding assignment in MBA is possible, if you keep these sure-fire tips in your... Read More

Many people are always scrambling to find a little bit of extra space in their homes. Frequently, this involves rotating furniture from room to room in a vain hope more space will magically appear. Thankfully, it doesn't have to be this way. Many people have a large area of space just waiting to be correctly utilzied. Do you know what it is? It is your garage! Giving your garage a much needed makeover can add organization and living space to your home. Below are 10 must-haves for the ultimate garage makeover.

New Door Get yourself a new garage door. A new garage door shows you can about... Read More

Considering Dubai as the largest business hub that attracted the world’s attention with its latest innovations and skyscrapers, it is important for a company based in Dubai or worldwide to have an attractive and catchy web design.

Web design is a medium of online presence, it is the global visibility of your business that should be stand out. Particularly in Dubai where competition is at its best, you should need an attractive website that would effectively produce you customers.

Having a website is the best way to promote your business online; here we discuss some basic needs... Read More

It is not an infamous relationship. But the importance of teenage friends is often realize once they are gone. Most of the people who talk about their teenage friends are not any more in contact with them. But their sweet memories never leave us alone in any phase of our life. Thinking of them always puts a smile on our faces but are we ready to express to them that they mean a lot to us.

Even the ones, who were used to be made fun of, bring smile on our faces at an age of 35 or even above.

Friends in the Family

A person grows up in with his cousins, relative’s uncles and... Read More

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