Thursday, September 20, 2018

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Los Angeles is full of hustle, bustle and flux. Everything is constantly changing or re-inventing itself to keep up with the latest trends or to stay on top of the perverbial "heap". Although, I am the first to rush out and experience the hip new hotspots, its a welcome relief to have staples in the everyday routine that you can depend on to always come through with consistency. "Who's on Third", a quaint cafe nestled in between West Hollywood and Beverly Hills at 8369 W. 3rd Street is such an establishment. Boasting open doors since 1989, "Who's.." has become a kind of hidden treasure to the... Read More

Do you think your neighborhood is safe? You may be wrong...

But at least, you now have the means to figure it out very quickly and in real-time. LAPD provides web users with up-to-date crime statistics for your area. Just type in your address, click 'submit' and that's it! You can now see a map decorated with colorful dots: red for burglary, orange for violent robbery, green for rape, yellow for homicide... Crime statistics have never been so fun! The website let you choose a mile radius, a date range, and a few seconds later the map is populated with data from the LAPD database.

... Read More

I have often heard the phrase "People don't come from Los Angeles, people come to Los Angeles". (Check out that Jen Aniston film "Rumor Has It" if you don't believe me). I am one of the many migrators who has made the cross-country trip to the place where dreams come true. Two friends and I quit our fabulous jobs in St. Louis, Missouri,packed up a couple compact vehicles, signed a lease on an overpriced, un-airconditioned apartment in West Hollywood and as they say, the rest is history!!!! Then three weeks went by..... While blogging on myspace has led the folk back home to believe I am leading... Read More

At the intersection of Prairie St. and 120th in Hawthorne City, California, volunteers for The Western Museum of Aviation are preparing for takeoff. The museum is headed towards Torrance’s Flite Park, where countless aeronautic models and drawing planes will once again color empty walls. A few that are currently being packed into cardboard boxes include a Northrop World War II single-engine seaplane built in 1940 and a Wright GR-1820-G205 jet aircraft engine. The move comes at a time when rents are rising for the city, and in a world where non-profit organizations like The Western Museum... Read More
The majority of the restaurants and stores of Third Street Promenade in Santa Monica were closed yesterday night due to an electrical fire that lead to a power outage yesterday at 5pm. This incident apparently caused by the excessive heat of the last days and the high power-usage blew two underground vaults. Manhole covers flew up in the air and 15 feet high flames could be seen coming out of them. Power should be restored in the whole area within 24 hours. Read More
Taxer le transport aérien pour financer l’aide au développement du Sud, l’initiative franco-britannique est en phase de décollage. Veuillez attacher vos ceintures: dès 2006, vous vous acquitterez d’une somme de 5 euros pour tout achat d’un billet d’avion. L’entreprise est fort louable. Seulement ce modèle de financement, annoncé en septembre par Thierry Breton, ministre français des finances et Gordon Brown, son homologue anglais, connaît déjà ses critiques. Le fond international pour la santé, qui pourrait collecter 10 milliards d’euros par an grâce à cette taxe ne... Read More
Près de 3 millions de cameras dispersées dans l’espace public : c’est le pays le plus vidéosurveillé au monde. Et les attaques terroristes de juillet dernier à Londres n’inverseront pas la tendance en Grande-Bretagne. 7 juillet 2005, gare de Luton. Hasib Hussain est filmé portant le sac à dos censé contenir les explosifs qui ont tué quatorze personnes dans l'autobus de Tavistock Square. 21 juillet 2005, bus n°26. Mokhtar Saïd Ibrahim est identifié par la caméra embarquée à l’étage du bus dans lequel il est soupçonné d'avoir tenté de faire exploser sa bombe. Pour retrouver... Read More

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Improving Pedestrian Safety

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Improving Pedestrian Safety

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