Wednesday, November 14, 2018

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Westwood Village is one of the liveliest neighborhoods in Los Angeles. The pedestrian friendly streets are lined with Mediterranean-style buildings mixed with small businesses and national retailers. The bustling village is known as the most densely packed movie theatre district in the country and comes alive when Hollywood premieres take place at the Fox Village Theatre (945 Broxton Ave.; 310-208-5576) or across the street at Mann’s Bruin (948 Broxton Ave.; 310-208-8998). However, Westwood Village wasn’t always such a cozy neighborhood. Developed by the Janss family in the 1920s, the... Read More
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I ride my beloved beach cruiser Mathilda, most everywhere these days. When I am riding her, I feel free and cheerful. The wind on my face and in my ears lifts my spirits completely. I also love that the street scape perspective that riding a bicycle provides (and driving in a car does not), allows me to relate to my environment as both an observer and an active participant but at a greater velocity than that of a pedestrian. In fact, my new favorite method of movement has influenced me so greatly, that I now get 'bike legs' like the boating set get 'sea legs'. I walk about my house with paces... Read More

Let me start by saying that I have been affiliated with the nightlife scene for five years now. Believe or not I have managed to never due drugs and avoid drinking 99.9% percent of the time. I will save that story for another time. So lets explore the club business for a moment. What are the elements involved in making a Hollywood club successful: 1) Shareholders 2) Promoters 3) Drug Dealers 4) Police Officer/NARCO (on and off duty) 5) Models and affiliated pretty people and 6) Celebrities. Basically, a restaurant entrepreneur will seek out investors from all walks of life. These investors... Read More

I suppose I’m like most everyone else who falls victim to the nostalgic and cuddle-riffic advertising push of the holiday season. I don’t mind being alone but I would prefer to share reruns of “Its a Wonderful Life” and “Edward Scissorhands” with someone other than myself. I’ve been a bit transient for the past many years of my life and have not been able to hold on to a significant other for any significant length of time; no bad experiences, just bad timing. After re-relocating back to the city of Angles this summer, I decided to winterize my dating life. As one might start... Read More

Prague, Czechoslovakia was a pretty strange place to be in 1982. The communists were running the show and doing a dismal job. However, during the 5 or 6 months that I was working there, I never found a real communist. Oh sure, I met a lot of card carrying "party members". If you weren't a member of the "party", you couldn't succeed, and you certainly could not be put in a position to "deal" with people from the west, like myself. Everyone I met had two things in common, One, they hated the Russians, Two, they were absolutely intent on getting as many American dollars from me as possible. The... Read More

It’s Monday morning. The clock reads 7:05 and you realize the alarm failed. You are going to be late. That is, if you go in to work today. What would happen if you just didn’t call and didn’t go in? Hmmm…what could you do with your day? On Wednesday your boss phones your home. You let the machine answer it. “We’ve noticed that you haven’t been at work. Please give me a call. We hope everything is alright, but you need to give us a call. My home number is…” You decide that three days off is enough. You didn’t mean to lose your job. How should you handle this situation?... Read More
Friday, on the campus of UCLA there was a gathering of students wishing to voice their opinions regarding the Tuesday night tasing of a student who refused to show his Bruin Card to a Community Service Officer. One student was caught on tape saying, “We don’t feel safe on our own campus.” Numerous reviews of the video recorded during the incident confirm only these facts: The student was belligerent with police, the student screamed very loudly, the student shouted, “here’s your f*****g Patriot Act!”, the student “claims” he was tasered for no reason and that he was leaving... Read More

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Improving Pedestrian Safety

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Improving Pedestrian Safety

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