Wednesday, September 26, 2018

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Guidance is needed for people who have gone astray. This is true as sometimes, people tend to veer away from what is right and end up doing the wrong things because there’s nothing that reminds them of what they really should be doing. This can’t any be truer when it comes to driving and drivers veering from the right way. According to studies, driving at the wrong side of the road is one of the reasons why motor vehicle accidents happen. The improper use of roads also contributes to these driving safety risks. The sad reality is that there are a number of drivers that are not aware of the... Read More

Cultural Diversity Celebrated in Inglewood

Inglewood- Inglewood Cultural Arts (ICA), a non-profit organization provided a surge of energy to shine the spotlight on the City of Inglewood. The occasion was the inaugural Afro Latin Music and Dance Festival, held on Saturday, July 26, from 12PM-6:00PM. The event took place at the Amphitheater in Edward Vincent, Jr. Park (formerly known as Centinela Park.

Everybody is feeling, Hot! Hot! Hot! The weather forecasters mentioned that we were in for a hot weekend. Edward Vincent, Jr. Park served as a perfect and pleasant venue, with... Read More

St. Elmo’s Village 45th Anniversary Celebration

Los Angeles-Residents of the greater Los Angeles area are fortunate to have so many options to enjoy for Memorial Day Weekend. I joined a community of creative people and visitors for St. Elmo’s Village 45th Anniversary Celebration with the theme “Celebrating the Art of Creative Survival.”

The celebration got underway on Saturday, May 24th with an eclectic musical line-up featuring DJ Nnamdi spinning tracks, guitarist and vocalist Rei Fukuda, solo jazz piano of Greg Bryant, poetry recited by Mark-Anthony Johnson, Damon Turner, V.... Read More

Getting arrested can be a person’s worst nightmare, especially if they are getting handcuffed because they did not think their plans completely through. The state government will appointment an attorney for anyone who is not able to afford their own. But finding an attorney you have chosen on your own based on comfort and trust can be extremely important. Attorneys know that at night all types of mischief or accidents are bound to happen, so they are available to help a person in a tough situation.

Reasons to Call an Attorney

There are several reasons to call an attorney but the main... Read More

If you’ll soon be visiting the Persian Gulf, you can see an array of breathtaking sights and experience an exciting new culture in the shiekhdom of Ras Al Khaiman. Part of the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Ras Al Khaiman is relatively small and home to under 250,000 citizens. However, despite the emirate’s small size, it features a number of fascinating cities.

Ras Al Khaiman (Capital City)

Bearing the same name as the emirate, Ras Al Khaiman serves as the capital city. In addition to being home to the Sheikh’s palace and the emirate’s most aesthetically-pleasing architecture, Ras... Read More

If you’re considering selling your house, it’s important to consider the factors that will influence the number and quality of offers you receive. Everyone wants to get the best possible price fortheir property, but you can only do this by catering to the needs of potential buyers. Your property should appeal to as many buyers as possible, with paint and wallpaper shades restricted to neutral colours. Your home should look ‘finished’ and not give the impression that it needs more time or money investing in it, as this can put buyers off.

Consider Your Selling Options

Decide which... Read More

It’s been fun drifting through the uncharted terrains of life even if it was for a short while. This might be my last note to this beautiful world, the last trace of my existence that I wish may last long enough for someone to read and realize that I did exist. The devil that's been behind me from the very moment life touched the shapeless lump of me in my mother’s womb has caught up to me now. I can feel its frozen breath over my shoulders and its long fingers around my neck; it chokes me by sucking out the last ounce of hope.

The road in front has shrunk into a fine thread, so fine... Read More

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Improving Pedestrian Safety

Being the ones in the driver's seat of overwhelming metal vehicles moving at rapid and with incredible power, drivers must be continually mindful of their ebb and flow position out and about and component in the activities of all other movement members....

A Death Note

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Improving Pedestrian Safety

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