Saturday, September 22, 2018

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An urban neighborhood, a city if you may, is a great place to live in. You have almost everything within reach but the experience can be daunting to someone who's going to live in the city for the first time.

Much like surviving in the wilderness, there is a set of urban survival skills that one needs to master in order to survive the city.

Going Around

The first thing you would want to do, if going to an urban environment, is to find out how to get around from point A and point B; and if you’re not fortunate enough to have a car (or don’t believe in owning one) then public transport... Read More

Are you traveller? We know, it is easy to travel from a city to another city in Europe.

What about other countries? Like India, Morocco, China?

If you want to see really different things, you have to do this trips...

I did!

I have been in Istanbul, Turkey one month ago. (I'm from Netherlands by the way)

I am really in love with Turkish Kebab in Amsterdam. One day I decided to go to Istanbul and eat those foods at the original city.

I'm not regret! Even I'm so happy and want to share all my experiences!

How curious you are?

Let's begin.

... Read More

LED is normally used in car headlights and taillights; actually, they also have many other types that can be used in giving a nice and modern aspect to the interior and exterior of your car, besides their great functional system which includes: stop lights, turn signals, Festoon Interior Car Lights, parking lamps and daytime running lamps. You can use the Rear LED Lights if you want to add some extra lighting to your car; these LED lights have the option of being powered by the car battery directly.

If you want to upgrade your car lighting system with LED car lights, an aspect you need... Read More

To help the world live better.This is the vision of, a company that strives to shake up the real estate business. And how do they intend to do this? They are changing lives by making selling, buying and investing properties ranging from flats to two story houses easier and quicker. And true enough to its vision, they are now the dependable online site in India when it comes to checking new housing projects, verifying the competency of agents and even ensuring that you do not fall prey to fake listings.

Because the people behind believes that owning properties... Read More

So many vehicles are often fitted with Front Head Car Halogen Bulbs as soon as they leave the suppliers production facility; however some vehicle owners are aware that it is possible to make them brighter, they change their light from Car White Tail Brake Light Bulbs to high effective xenon light bulbs. These high efficiencies xenon light bulbs make use of xenon gas to allow them burn hotter, brighter and significantly increase the light from your head lights.

Another great light is the High Power Waterproof Car Lights that can be easily removed and installed. Their lifespan is longer... Read More

Today beanbags can be made to last. This all depends how you use them and how you care for them. Beanbags from the right supplier can ensure your money is well spent. According to the independent, Homeowners love their garden as much as their house, so this merits why spending time in your garden makes all the more reason to ensure you can sit and enjoy looking at it. After all, you have to admire your hard work.

Beanbag Care Advice

Beanbag chairs are fantastic when it comes to sitting back, relaxing and watching the world go by. But like any piece of furniture, they can become... Read More

The way people live and interact has drastically changed over the past century – we’ve become more mobile and less reliant on direct proximity to certain needs, such as food, employment and entertainment – we travel and commute. A vital factor in that change were the engineering breakthroughs which enabled us to mass produce motorized means of transport. We drive cars or enter mass transit to get to work, for leisure, sport or to simply go out and meet other people across distances. Traffic is the main element in the structure of today’s society and this is why the fact that close to 300,000... Read More

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Improving Pedestrian Safety

Being the ones in the driver's seat of overwhelming metal vehicles moving at rapid and with incredible power, drivers must be continually mindful of their ebb and flow position out and about and component in the activities of all other movement members....

A Death Note

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Improving Pedestrian Safety

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