Friday, March 23, 2018

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Where to find work, prostitutes seem to know where to gather to attract paying costumers looking for what they need. Latin men with construction skills figured out Home depot was a good way to find such folks in need of a handy person. Well, I don’t need construction work or a sexual favor, but I do need other types of assistance. I need some help with some technical computer stuff. I wish I could drive in front of Comp USA and find a techie looking for work. I need help with so many gadgets that I could employ a techie for a week I am sure. Having a wedding? All the help you need... Read More

By Kim

The Coffee Company is located just 10-15 minutes from Los Angeles International Airport. It is near Sepulveda and La Tijera Blvd.

One can watch planes descending on the way to "LAX" while enjoying a scrumptious cup of joe, home-cooked breakfast, thoughtful and engaging attendants, music ranging from Kenny G. to oldies from the seventies.

The manager is "Gus"; a well-known and loved owner makes it his business to greet customers individually if you come in on his shift. He has decided to do what he loves and open a restaurant neighborhood resturant with a feel of home.... Read More

I have heard too many stories from my girlfriends and have been exposed to some really incredulous behavior from the male species.Example #1. My friend met a guy at the local gym near our office. He was "unhappily" married at the time so they just became friends but there was definitely flirting going on. This continued for well over a year and during this time, the guy separated from his wife. Guy contacts lawyer and starts the divorce process. A year and some odd months later, guy informs my friend that he is officially divorced and he wants to move in with her. The entire relationship... Read More

The City of San Pablo has bought the Circle S Mobile Home park through Eminent Domain and has contracted a relocation company called Paragon LTD. To manage the relocation of it’s tenants. As of now, January 2009, Paragon has been ruthless in it’s relocation assistance program in which very few tenants have received a fair relocation package. We have been promised a fair and equitable price for their mobile homes and replacement assistance for a comparable living situation, as well as moving assistance and rental assistance for 3 years.   This has not been met by any... Read More

By Kim

There was an unmistakable Count Basie spirit in the room on a unusually sunny Sunday afternoon, January 11 at the infamous and wonderful "Jazz at the A frame". The "Duke" was a favorite flavor as well, but the main spice was space....and time. Who knows that better than the Master Mind of it - William "Count" Basie?

Kate Reid - Vocalist and Pianist with her swinging quartet brought a nice get an away from it all day to a Jazz devoted audience.

Steve Reid - Trumpet

Steve Barnes - Drums and other percussion

Chris Connors - Bass

Sax, Alto Flute and Concert... Read More

By Kim

Thousands may have watched with festive flair in temperatures of 4 degrees while the infamous ball descended in Times Square, New York, but in Los Angeles on a foggy and cold New Year's Eve we had our very own innovative transcend into 2009.

The Jazz Bakery in Los Angeles, California presented a celebration which captured and warmed a sold out crowd on the final night of 2008.

There was the magic of music, camaraderie, celebration, champagne, tasty hors d'oeuvres, soul connection, and unlimited elation.

A breath-taking and illustrious Guitarist, Kenny Burrell was on hand... Read More

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