Thursday, April 26, 2018

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By AmyO

Once again, tragedy has struck in Oakland. Four police officers and one dangerous criminal were left dead after a murderous rampage on Saturday, March 21. Today, the Bay Area honors the four Oakland Police Officers, Mark Dunakin, John Hege, Ervin Romans and Daniel Sakai, who confronted 26-year-old Lovelle Mixon and lost their lives in the process. Mixon was out on parole after being in prison for five years because of a carjacking and assault charge. We have since found out that Mixon was even more menacing than previously known as he is now being linked to the rape of a 12-year-old girl and... Read More

By Lyn

Une attaque d’une vingtaine de jeunes armés de barres de fer a été entreprise ce matin vers 10h30 dans le lycée Jean-Baptiste Clément de Gagny (93 Seine-Saint-Denis). La bande en question s’est infiltré dans l’établissement et se sont directement dirigés vers la salle de permanence, ce qui laisserait présumer que ces derniers connaissaient les lieux et qu’il s’agissait apparemment d’un règlement de comptes.

Les victimes (élèves et professeurs) ont été... Read More

Houses are in foreclosure, banks are glutted with their repossed houses they overloaned on, and paying huge taxes on unsellable houses. Some are even going for under a thousand dollars, albeit in Detroit Michigan, but hey, smell the opportunity to recreate Detroit. If Oprah bought 40 houses, and loaned or rented them cheaply to screened families untill they could afford to buy them from her, or were able to make ends meet, then she could start OPRAHHOOD. A community of Oprahphiles, good folks who are in hard times. Say she buys them a home, she keeps the title, so if they are unethical... Read More

Next weekend I have been invited to review an all-female clown troupe called Circus Finelli. After reading all the wonderful reviews, I can’t wait. Circus Finelli is a 40-minute comedy stage show filled with laughs, acrobatics, juggling, dance and live music. The theme is a “circus gone awry” in which each performer courageously faces disaster in her own way, transforming small problems into big catastrophes.

You heard me correctly just now when I referred to these clowns as “her”. That’s right-all of the clowns in Circus Finelli are women. Described as “four crazy, unruly, unpredictable,... Read More


The Women's leather BDSM group plans to have Race-Play to unleash the hidden monster of racism claiming it is releasing the taboo of Racism and our hidden fantasies around race.

I am writing in regards to the ridiculous notion that acting out one's fantasy of racism in sex has any merit or positive outcomes. It is just wrong, to immerse oneself in the area of sexualizing and allowing racist scenes for the benefit of one's sexual or psyche's needs is proposterous. It is damaging the years and LIVES given for ending racism. It is encouraging it... Read More

By Kim

Slippery highways, driving rains nor cold could stop avid supporters from coming out for an evening of engaging, stirring, compelling, and nostalgic memoirs, music, merriment and connected sharing at the St. Brigid's Black History Month Poetry Reading and Collective Sharing.

The night was consecrated with a selection of African Drumming and chants presented by Director John Beatty and the St. Brigid Drum Ministry.

Innovative Poetry was shared from a number of poets and writers. The works of art conveyed rhythms and lyric in prose paralleled with... Read More

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Improving Pedestrian Safety

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