Monday, November 19, 2018

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I wanted to bring my dog into a grocery store in Pacific Heights in San Fran for just a minute. I didn’t see any sign that said “don’t bring in your dog”. As soon as I walked in, they jumped on me like a pack of rabid wolves. “No dogs allowed.” “Take your dog out of here.” And they weren’t nice. I felt like a second-class citizen and all I wanted was a quart of milk and a free-range chicken.

Dog owners wrestle with this issue all the time. Last month we addressed the “tethering situation” and most everyone agreed that it’s a bad idea. So, now the logical progression is to discuss the... Read More

The City, she blankets us all and provides without judgment. We shape her even as we are shaped by her. Statues to our victors and fallen become part of our city as she molds the minds of our children. Crayons in hand, they draw dreams of firemen, plumbers, and peacocks at the zoo.

Our City has grit, rhythm, and a hustling hostility that drives many to pray, many others to sin. Smoking, drinking, gambling, betting on sports. Sports of men and animals, thinking ourselves civilized as we attend opera and concerts.

Glamor and glitz of our greed living side by side with our lights... Read More

Living without a car in Los Angeles poses many challenges and adventures. In my opinion since mostly ditching my car over a year ago I've come to appreciate the vast cultural diversity of this sprawling region on a different level. Walking, biking and taking mass transit has opened up new worlds that I would have been blinded to if I only drove.

As a Westsider with a car who chooses to keep it parked in my apartment garage where its tail pipe can do no harm to the environment and its gas tank can do no harm to my wallet, I've often thought of the millions of Angelenos who have no choice... Read More

I am a big believer in public transportation. Mostly the subway, sometimes [not often] the bus. Whenever I can realistically ditch my car, I will. Yes, sometimes my fellow riders smell funny or scratch themselves or speak in funny languages I can't understand. But other times, my encounters are more revealing in other ways. Occasionally, I'm touched by the snapshots of life I'm able to observe and those people that fleetingly pass through my day. Here's one from awhile back:

Midlife Crisis on the Orange Line

Another stop. The doors open. A Latino man sits next to me. He is of... Read More

A recent dog napping incident ended well, but many people lose their dogs and never get them back. Jojo the dog was reunited with Nicholas and Marie Gaffney and their three-year-old son of San Francisco, when a San Rafael veterinarian was able to identify the stolen canine by scanning for Jojo’s microchip when the dog was brought in for a check-up by its so-called “new owners”.

The five-year-old Australian cattle dog disappeared initially when an unidentified woman untied the animal from where he had been left outside the Safeway on Market and Church streets and walked away. A vet in... Read More

The nation will be celebrating the life and legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., on Monday, January 18, 2010. Festivities for the Martin Luther King Jr., Day were celebrated a couple of days early in Inglewood at the 27th Annual King Day Celebration. The 2010 theme was “The Unfolding Dream.”

The event was celebrated with a rousing ecumenical service at the Tabernacle of Faithful Central Bible Church. The program featured an inspiring keynote address by Dr. Ralph C. Watkins, (aka-The Hip Hop Pastor), Executive Minister of First African Methodist Episcopal Church of Los Angeles (F.A.M.E.),... Read More

All aboard The Golden Gate Express for a San Francisco experience like no other! The Conservatory of Flowers in Golden Gate Park brings back its enormously popular garden railway exhibition this winter with many new features and surprises created by local garden railroad aficionados and artists from SF Recycling & Disposal, Inc.’s Artist in Residence program. It’s a celebration of the city of San Francisco as a model train, cable car, streetcar and more wend their way through a lush landscape of dwarf plants and zip past mini versions of the city’s landmark buildings created entirely from... Read More

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Improving Pedestrian Safety

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