Sunday, November 18, 2018

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Love has no bounds, it should never impose any sort of restrictions in your life, all the hindrances you are facing in your relationship are born due to manual acts which are very easy to defeat by magical arts, if you are looking to bring my ex love back then you only need to contact to us, we will enable you to get any person under your possession , if you are looking for any attract any girl/boy in your life and looking for something from him/her can easily acquire under the impact of solution granted by us, Love is in the air, it should be aired in the heart of target person, if you are... Read More

Or for a wonderful woman to lift off your depression and sense of aimlessness?

Although we laugh at such ridiculous fantasies as the stuff of naïve, lovesick teenagers, we all must face the deep temptation within ourselves to ask our partner to fulfill all of our needs.

Most of us are not conscious of this tendency which propels us to seek out our soul mate, someone to complete us and make us whole. The stark truth is that nothing outside of ourselves will ever fill that hollow place within us, not money, not cars, nor beautiful homes, nor relaxing vacations. Nothing outside of... Read More


I wonder if in the future mankind and or womankind or indeed some advanced kind of woman, after doing say a year 3000 online do-it-yourself 'street surgeon' course of "how are you feeling today," could actually operate on a friend or even a stranger's body,using advanced " SO! not feeling well? let me fix that problem now!"

See, by my reckoning, about that time, futuristic women will carry a complete 'street' operating surgical kit. Not possible? Well, think about this. Women today, after a separation, have the intrinsic ability to make incisions so deft,so... Read More

Navratra is here and you are running about trying to figure out your dandiya wardrobe for those three special days. So will it be mirrorwork ghagras and kedias and a blushing gaon ki gori look to nail that crush? No way! Do away with the bright glittery ghagras and flashy kedias. Instead we suggest three looks — sourced from your own wardrobe — which will help you stand out and turn heads on the dandiya nights.

(Photo bycasual wedding dresses)

Look Boy Dhoti pants, Nehru jacket and a basic shirt should do the trick. Keep the shoes traditional. For the jacket, experiment with... Read More


Hate getting in conversations with guys who have imbibed of copious amounts of amber at the local RSL club.

Returned Serviceman's League. Though i find the conversation tween men re: women not stimulating sometimes i never cease to be amazed at some guy's 'conquest' ratings ratio. About 20-1. That is 20 females conquered to one beer. One guy is standing there holding more than one bar up telling me matter-of-factly how he had had "hundreds of women" (slurp sip slurp slur).

He had a bonk a few days earlier, didn't really like her and indeed wondered... Read More


Sitting having a latent latte in a cup in a cafe, usually i accidently spill the majority,i possess that inept ability. Read with some amusement in an Australian daily paper of a Chinese lolly manufacturer being forced to withdraw certain lolly bags containing lollies which were of a phallic shape.

Apparently the Chinese revere and admire the penis as a sign of life,virility, and life giving, as opposed to some prudish women who prefer to not confront "IT" as it appears to some to be "obscene not heard." Sorry,i'm getting my lolly metaphors as mixed up... Read More


Actually what ALL women of all ages should know and be aware of regarding their menfolk or whatever roughly resembles a man who occasionally presents so differently in women's individual eyes and according to their needs and tastes.

I read with much interest a succinct down- to- earth post by Marta Tandori regarding the feelings of women as they age, their regrets, the child bearing finale of their existence, their future outlook on their looks. Can an older woman for example hang on to her man when the kids have taken the bulk of the... Read More

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Too Much is not Too Good!

just be perfect to what you are and you will make a date...


Mary Mary quite contrary how does your 'essay garden' grow? With silver bells and cocked up dwells? Dwell on someone else's posts girl. Be a "whoa man,"stop flogging, but then you guys won't bring it on and we'll all be merry Mary. :>)


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