Friday, January 19, 2018

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You often laugh inwardly, least i do, when you talk to a person who has THEIR own perspective of what is 'acceptable' during verbal intercourse,religious even, when you're from a large family.

My family are not that close but we do have a bit of a get together when one of us dies. Obviously the one that passed over if not in transit can look down and shake their soul at things being said about them in their frustrated absence of a right to reply.

A dear friend of mine instigated this po-blog when she told of a small town whereupon... Read More

It said, "Constructive emotions hail from being fair about yourself and tolerating your identity, and physical qualities, warts and all; and, from fitting in with a family that acknowledges you without inquiry." Willard Scott. Some person had posted a remark: I have everything... aside from the family that acknowledges without inquiry. When I read it, I felt miserable. It reminded me that family is once in a while seen in a fairly restricted manner and it is more than simply the family we are conceived in. I remarked that family does not just mean the family you are conceived in, it can additionally... Read More

As we grow into adulthood, we often carry deep-seated memories connected to strong emotions that originated in childhood. These recollections, many of them subconscious, control our present behavior and reinforce patterns that either give us a balanced approach to dealing with our problems or reiterate maladaptive behavior (responding poorly to a situation) that interferes with our ability to form intimate relationships. How can we tap into these memories is the question that continually arises as we struggle to find the answers that help us understand why we react the way we do in... Read More

By now everyone has heard about the antics of billionaire Donald Sterling, whose racially-charged rants gained media coverage everywhere.

It’s a sad testimony to an obviously smart businessman (you have to be either very smart or extremely lucky to have that kind of wealth.)

You would think someone so talented in the art of making money would be just as sharp in his personal life, learning to play correctly within the affairs of society and piecing together an inner personal circle having his back and protecting his interests.

Isn’t it amazing what the right face can... Read More


Mentioned in a po-blog (that's a po tentional Blog) recently, the town i was living in and banging a reno in,was a virtual village of the damned hardened arteries. I couldn't have been more wrong! There's a lot more that renovationary banging going on here let me tell you. Forget about 'Sax in The City' there's more musical beds being strummed here than you can poke a mouth organ at. Even if you don't let me i'll tell you anyway. Can't wait to socialize but you can't do banging and building in the same breath.... Read More

Social media has changed the world. I can’t say if it’s been changed for better or worse as that depends on your personal experience with it. What I can say is that some of the stuff I’ve observed has given me pause to consider if people can generally be a bit more responsible when using it. Understand that this post is going to be purely opinion driven, but if people can use social media to vent…then I can use this blog to share my critique of their observed venting.

Now I’m not going to spend too much time talking about those folks that have turned Facebook into their own platform... Read More


Welcome to my dream study. All the records from my patients about their dreams rooted for the most part in far flung never never land are strictly confidential.

Let me introduce myself. I'm me so therefore the obvious assumption is that you are you.

It's very important that this differentiate is established before I blab. Now, I'll go over it once more. You are you and I am me.

It has to be this way because in its entirety if you were me and I were you then of course you would be blabbing to me.

Prof. Blab of dream shrinkery decimination... Read More

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