Sunday, December 16, 2018

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There’s an old proverb that goes like ‘first impressions are the last impressions.’ And this hold true or a number of situations like job interviews and first dates. Moving away from jobs and sticking to first dates, here’s a list of mistakes to avoid with your choice of clothes for the first date. Don’t do these, and you’ll pretty much land a good starting impression for him to call you up the next morning and take you out on another night.

Too tight, too uncomfortable

You’re probably feeling nervous on the first date anyway, why would you want to make yourself feel even more... Read More


You may have heard the term “malignant divorce” before, but never thought that you’d find yourself going through one! If you weren’t aware, a malignant divorce happens when one party simply wants to walk away with everything, and the other wants to mediate, negotiate, and work towards a solution. When the more “malignant” party regresses enough, it can bring out certain personality types in people. Here are some of the most common ones in a hostile divorce.

First of all, we have “the victim”. This one doesn’t need that much explaining. This personality type is characterized... Read More

Prayer Times Guide refers to times when Muslims perform prayers. The term is chiefly used for the five daily prayers plus the Friday prayer. Based on Muslim beliefs, the salat times were taught by Allah to Holly Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

Salat times are conventional for Islamic on earth, especially the prayer times. They depend on the state of the Sun and geography. There are varying views regarding the exact salat times, the schools of Muslim thought differing in minor details. All schools agree that any given salat cannot be performed before its stipulated time.

Prayer Times... Read More

People always have several dreams for their wedding day, and leave no stone un-turned to achieve the desired perfection. The success or failure of ceremony roams around several significant factors including the venue, dress, catering, decoration, flowers, jewelry, wedding cards and many others. The celebration begins with distribution of the invitation card, and guests starts getting included in your event. With the fact that invitations offer first glimpse of your ceremony to the guests, their role becomes more vital. People go for latest designs, trends, printing style and high quality paper... Read More

Life is full of tough decisions. Decisions that we aren't keen to make but which nonetheless need to be made. These decisions can have repercussions for hours, a day, a week or longer. And often, being the one who has to make the decision is the worst part. Although it can't be put off, and to drag it out would hurt more, you still feel like the bad guy. Making a decision that leaves people unhappy feels awful.

Perhaps the most obvious example of a tough decision is the choice to end a relationship. There are feelings involved here, and they're complicated. If it is obvious that there... Read More

You may take a lot of time trying to build your confidence as a man and forget that the girl you are looking for could also be shy. Being shy does not imply that the girl is unattractive. In fact, such a girl might be the most beautiful lady in town. More confident women catch the eyes of most men, but it is very hard to get hold of them. This feature does not imply that more confident girls are always the best. Several shy girls have undiscovered beauties worth your attention and effort. This article focuses on 7 ways to know if a shy girl likes you.

She Adjusts Her Clothes

A... Read More

There can be all kinds of reasons as to why you may be struggling to achieve an erection or maintain an erection. You may be suffering from health issues such as blood pressures difficulties or diabetes, both of which can affect your ability to have an erection. Perhaps you are under a great deal of stress and anxiety at work and at home. Even men that may be overweight can have trouble getting an erection or keeping one. With all of the reasons that can cause the issue it is important that you also know that there are just as many solutions to the problem for you to choose from. You need to... Read More

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