Monday, December 10, 2018

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No matter how much self-reliant and determined they are, the space for love, warmth and affection is always there in their heart which can only be filled by the man of their life.

Gifting a woman is treated as a thing of the past by many men. They take it as an orthodox tradition and eventually stop putting in efforts to pamper her. In fact, “what to buy the girl who has everything” is nothing but a common excuse of the unwilling men put forward the powerful women of today.

But is this really so? Does an established woman expect nothing from her partner? Probably the answer could... Read More

Do you want to get back your ex-girlfriend after you dumped her? Sometimes, the boy and girlfriend break up a relationship, but after this, they realize that they need to get back. If you are going through this phase, remember that there is always a second chance to get back or save a relationship, it does not matter how bad your breakup is.

If you want to get back your ex-girlfriend, before taking any approach, do some work out to understand the reason of breakup and what you can do to get her back? Ask these questions from yourself:

Do you really want to be with your ex-girlfriend?... Read More

Surprisingly, my husband and I have become one in reality, deeply in tune with each other’s spirits even though we are still opposites in personality. Our tangible joy is inexplicable through secular eyes because from all outward appearances our life together has been a tough journey through poverty, raising nine kids, facing overwhelming chores on a small family farm and dealing with long-term, clinical depression.

How did our marriage survive never mind thrive?


I have always managed to keep our difficulties in perspective through humour. One of my jokes is on the typical... Read More

In 2007, a young volleyball coach was accused of Voyeurism inside of a tanning salon. When confronted, he gave excuses that ultimately lead to a sex offender assessment. Fast forward to the current year and it was recently revealed that said volleyball coach was forced to resign due to hiding his past. Now, while this might seem like an uncommon case, you’ll be surprised at how many people have tried to hide their past in order to live a new life or achieve something more in life.

Source: Pexels

People will forgive, assuming you let them

Not everyone can accept forgiveness.... Read More

You won’t be fully aware of the costs associated with a divorce until you’ve actually gone through the process. Although the culmination of a bad marriage may put you on the road to a brighter future, the money spent going through the process can be crippling. The following are five ways to reduce your costs and settle your agreement quickly.

Reduce Your Conflict

Some marriages simmer and boil until they suddenly erupt. Other couples find that they’ve quickly decided to uproot from their homes one day without a backward glance. But if you harbor ill feelings toward your soon-to-be... Read More

If you have decided that you would like to use an internet dating website to find your ideal Russian bride, then there is no doubt that you will be very excited about the prospect of doing so. However, it is vital that you know how best to find your ideal match, as this makes it much more likely that the overall dating process will be successful in the future. With this in mind, this page will give you some tips about how to find your perfect match, which means that your chances of finding your long term happiness with a Ukraine bride are improved.

Choose your online dating site wisely

... Read More

You start up the day in a frenzied mode, probably pick up your smartphone to check for updates from the email, respond to chats from the social media platforms and also check up for some more interesting news feeds. Then comes the rest of the day and you are still on your smartphone connecting with people, tweeting, and doing some other things online.

All these would never have been possible without the advancement in technology.

Through technology, we can communicate and connect with relatives, friends and loved ones all scattered across the globe. However, as good as it sounds,... Read More

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