Sunday, August 19, 2018

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Dear Shari...

I need your help or I'm about to commit first degree murder on my boss. I like my boss a lot but she drives me up the wall with some of her personal habits. I cringe every time she comes near me because I know I'm going to hear that high pitched shreek asking me unnecessary questions. I know this might seem like an exaggeration or even a bit dramatic, but it really ruins my whole day at work. What can I do?!

--Working my last nerve

Dear Working my last nerve,

First off, please put the gun away. No person is worth jail time, even the highly annoying... Read More

(Disclaimer: I apologize for the seemingly narcissistic theme of this article, but hey, it is my birthday.)

It’s the eve of my 37th birthday and I’m busy wondering what the heck I did on my 36th birthday? Time is flying by so quickly and years are just overlapping. I sometimes think about the fact that a lot of my life is a blur. I usually don’t remember a lot of events until somebody brings something up specifically and then more often than not, they have to jog my memory of what happened. When I think about the fact that for some reason I don’t remember a lot, in some ways it saddens... Read More

Dear Shari...

You just recently posted something on Facebook talking about how one’s life is exactly where it’s supposed to be and how we should trust in the order of things even when it’s not what we pictured for ourselves or our lives. I really want to believe this right now. My girlfriend ended our 2 year relationship and moved out 5 days ago. Hard to make sense of anything right now…

--Searching for Answers

Dear Searching for Answers,

It unfortunately never does in the moment. This is one of those circumstances... Read More

I watched as the woman at Starbucks mumbled some expletives at someone who didn’t hold the door open for her. I watched as the man in the car blared his horn at the person who didn’t let him over in his lane. I watched as the woman cursed out another woman at the grocery store because she was blocking the doorway to get in. I watch as over and over we react and get so angry over things that are so outside of our control. I listen as people believe that their reactions are justified and in any way better than the person who supposedly is the rude one. I watch as so many of us become more confrontational... Read More

Dear Shari...

I'm a web designer who's interested in helping musicians, authors, writers, and actors with web development needs. I recently built a website for an actor in NY city for FREE out of the kindness of my own heart, and this person treated me so BAD!!!! He was so rude! Basically, what happened is that I contacted this actor back in October asking for advice on how to cater websites to creative artists. In the process of him offering advice, he said that he had a website that he was unhappy with. So, being the kind person that I am, I offered to do this website for him... Read More

I was sexually molested at the young age of seven. Every part of me knew that what was happening was wrong. In that moment, fear overtook me and at the same time, a calmness. I knew I would handle this and tell the right people. I knew he would have to pay for his actions. I also knew in that moment I had to endure what was hell for my own safety. But with that experience came a personal power that I carry around till this day. I remember being told how "brave I was." How "I saved other girls." How "strong I was." I remember internalizing those words but not really getting them. It... Read More

Dear Shari,

How do you get your child to understand that you always love and believe them, but sometimes questions are raised on validity of concerns because of past lies or because of psychological issues one might one dealing with?

~Problems in Parentville

Dear "Problems in Parentville"...

Eesh. Child issues. This might be outside my comfort zone as I have made the conscious choice to not have children for various reasons and one being the epic task of raising another life and the pressure to do a good job. I pay my highest respects to parents! I definitely welcome... Read More

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