Friday, January 18, 2019

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I'm an Ultimate salesman, well I never thought I could do it. I liked the money and the lifestyle it produced for me. It was the key factor at the time that pushed me to know more. I found that most salesman were just happy with the 9 to 5 job. Sitting back, except at the time the average wage was $200 per week, and I could make $2000.

With the many years of being an elite salesman, I found I could work 3 months and have the rest of the year off. Not hard, I only had to put a plan together. Then I noticed I could look at an item, workout that this item could sell by marketing... Read More

Business, working 24/7 who really needs that. Where is the fun, well you don't mean to work all the time. Then the work load increases you have people to do the work however you know this work needs your attention. How to solve problems in business is to take notice of the pulse within the office, your warehouse or your team.

Listen to your employees, knowing that their mental attitude is the front for your business. How many bosses are too busy to listen, thinking that the problem will go away. Or is a problem that no one finds until too late. How to put the mechanism in to watch,... Read More

For many people every day when they go to work, they are wishing they are an entrepreneur. Anyone starting up a new business venture has taken one step extra, they have acted.

We may think and talk allot about where we are going in life. Many of us have heard this a thousand times yet it is a very few percentage of people that actually achieve the success that I have. I didn't think in the beginning I was special, I thought I could see what every one else could see in business.

I would research, observe, talk to people, watch the trends and dream. Of course you have to put... Read More

Who owns Kings Cross?

It has been in the spotlight of late, yet who does own Kings Cross?

Does the government notice the transactions of drug trade on the streets tonight as I write this story, of the 10 transactions each worth $100 for the seller that he borrowed the drugs from a home invasion as he said. Life is different yet it can be cleaned up and the town made better.

It is not the drugs so much as the low lifes selling the points, from a point on the footpath, to inside the takeaway cafe's yet it could be money transaction on the strip and delivery in the back lane.... Read More

Interview from a drug users perspective: I woke this morning from the cloud of cocaine I used for the last 20 years. It was a one use miracle that killed my pain then after once it fixed me. I did again, looking all the time for the perfect source. Something perfect like a miracle to end my pain. It was a pain, life had become unbearable to live with. My love of my life had fought with me, it didn't matter what I did it was the fight of your life. Night and day, you get the drift.

Then when I thought, the years were rolling by no one had woken me up. My ego too large, yet my... Read More

Mothers Day, Fathers Night.

Married for 30 odd years has given me some insight into this pyshology. The weekend of the Mothers Day drawing near, the hubby fussing for now the children to look after my needs yet it is the love affair of a night that seems to be the payoff.

For Who I ask?

Mothers Day, lunch I'm cooking feeding the tribe and really a leisurely beach walk would do more to stimulate that romance after the years of hard work. For some of you may be a lunch out at a restaurant. Enjoy!

For many of these Mothers celebrating it is a life where they never... Read More

Lifestyle of a man and wife with a couple of children in the suburbs is a normal existence for 99% or even more of the people within our definition of happy life, happy wife. For many it is the fast cars, the lavish spending, restaurants everynight and properties with cash seeping out the walls is the world of the Underworld, the drug runners however it is the elite drug barons that send the 1% of society to a hell.

Where the cocaine is pushed on the underage, the chilling people that shoot up or break into a house to have this evil habit feed. The dollars that are needed for a drug... Read More

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yeah Shane 'crass' takes on a hole new meaning but these crassholes seem to be part of the social word furniture. Still, crx has probably been crusading as head of the 'numbnut' society for so long it reinforces the quote "ignorance is bliss!" Or is...

Who is reading our blog posts?

Thanks Barbara and riginal. And to the flogger between you two on this comment string who's had his word (in spades) and validated my article.

Who is reading our blog posts?

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