Wednesday, January 23, 2019

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Smashing Sales!

That's it, I need someone to do some internet marketing on a website. You can all follow then. The Kings Cross Sting and Sparkling Chandeliers has been put up for awards. Well when you place a company up on awards, how to get the marketing to happen, when you haven't got any idea. Well, our guy, that needs a job needs lots of support.

We are all working together, we have bundled the problems up tossed them out the window. Now we are planning for a future.

My ultimate sales kit.

Now, within a night we are going to have the crash course. Putting... Read More

As my follower count in the social media universe rises by the ‘000’s, I am wondering what that does in terms of expanding the number of buyers for the products I have on tap – i.e. my books. There is no exact 1:1 correlation of followers to buyers. There is not even a 100:1 correlation. And if I am the only one facing this issue, then I must have a problem with my marketing message, or my books suck, or else others in my situation are keeping mum.Here are some of my observations on book marketing in the social media universe (and I would welcome any thoughts to the contrary):

1) We... Read More

When you have a team working under a business umbrella it doesn't matter who puts the ideas forward for the business it is normally a good idea to listen. How many staff meetings do you ask that the staff bring an idea to the meeting. Even encourage ideas. Well in most of the companies I have worked at this hasn't happened. Yet I still would have ideas and willing to show them that they were great ideas.

I would sit sometimes making sketches, or just watching, even doing time and motion study in a way to work out if the idea I had would work. For most companies it is like hitting... Read More

Business is something we all strive for, well some just talk, others think however to act. This Act is the most important part where people can move their lives. I have been sitting back observing people for many years. I would think it was strange when you work with someone have an idea put it forward and the person did nothing with it.

Have you been in the work environment where the idea just sat there and you knew it was great. How to move and push the boundaries what was the reason that this great idea just sat on the coffee table or the rubbish bin.

Well, when I started... Read More

Have any of you decided to do something and you start the actions. You have to be positive to move forward. I have learnt that if you think Positive you achieve more. Just a hint. It helps when you want to be an Awesome Entrepreneur. Remember I was looking for a partner to help me, change the way Entrepreneurs think and work. I had an experience myself with a positive way of thinking changed my life. Yes it can help yours too.

Positive affirmation is an important tool in accessing a better you. If you are able to reprogram your subconscious to become a better person, then you... Read More

Your business name is how you are remembered. Whether it is catchy, or a unforgetable logo. You have to start with an idea. Many people will have a business name and logo from the very start. It maybe for some of you the most important thing to you. Mainly men, I noticed will have the name and the idea. Ladies seem to go with the flow.

It maybe sitting on the computer pondering, googling and finding all your names you could consider. Or it could be one name that you decided on, and keep coming back too.

Where to start, undoubtedly, a very first step that is required for... Read More

Smashing sales, it is not just about having a high standard for yourself. The real challenge comes when you set a target and can make it. Targets are important where we work towards. It is just not an idea it is where you want to get too. You may have a target in a week, month and then a year.

Have you looked back and seen that the last year have you set a target? Have you made it? Nearly 90% of people will set a target everyday only 1 % achieve and over achieves a target. There is a huge difference between whether you can smash sales and be a 1% in the business world.

I... Read More

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Who is reading our blog posts?

Thanks Barbara and riginal. And to the flogger between you two on this comment string who's had his word (in spades) and validated my article.

Who is reading our blog posts?

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