Sunday, December 16, 2018

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How’s Your Logic? Here’s 10 Way to Improve It!

Remember those syllogisms that you practiced in middle or junior high school? Usually they were presented to you in English, geometry, and science classes.

All cats are animals; Fluffy is a cat; Therefore Fluffy is an animal (valid)

All cats are animals; Fluffy is an animal; Therefore, Fluffy is a cat (invalid, because while all cats are animals, all animals are not cats)

These were simple logical thinking exercises, the goal of which was to improve our deductive reasoning, or logic, a skill that has many important applications... Read More

I shared a powerful video by Ascension Press called “Will You Follow” a few weeks ago. It is a dramatic, vocation video aimed at teens, part of a soon-to-be-released five-part series called Altaration designed to enliven teens with a love and enthusiasm for the Mass.

This 3-minute trailer for Altaration is extremely moving, thrilling actually. Mark Hart speaks in the power of the Holy Spirit. His words rang in my heart and lifted my spirits with fresh insights into the true meaning of the Mass. His words cast a fresh light on what is really happening on the altar and lit a new fire of... Read More

My words alone will not convince an atheist. Yes, Catholics need theology and apologetics, but these disciplines will not convert anybody, because Christianity is not primarily a moral theology or a philosophy, but a relationship of love. By focusing upon the reality of our Christian experiences as they truly are, Christ becomes a living Messiah not only to us, but a visible light to others.

The contemplative learns about deep trust and complete abandonment to One he knows to be beyond all understanding. The mystic does not have all the answers; he is not afraid to admit that he... Read More

Man likes to be in control, especially of the Holy Spirit. Of course, to put this blatantly, most of us would deny trying to box in the Almighty, because we realize how ridiculous this sounds. Yet, because we really do not like to change, we end up resisting even God. We like our comfort zone. We especially don’t like the rug ripped from under us and that approach is usually how God must snag our attention.

The Holy Spirit is not stagnant. He is not the God of the past, but God of the present, alive, a dynamic powerhouse seeking to heal, transform and draw us ever closer to His heart.

... Read More

Do you feel like your career is on its path to dead-end? Feeling burnout, perhaps? Whether you are an executive, business owner, or mid-level employee, it is natural to feel that your career is not leading somewhere holistic and fulfilling. Maybe you have thought about quitting your job or closing your business and try another one. It is natural to feel that way, but instead of giving up, why not look into it from a different perspective?

Many professionals thought about giving up the fight and stay away from the things that make them feel uncomfortable. But have you thought about other... Read More

Advent is a time of waiting, waiting in the dark, but right now I can be an open window for the Holy Spirit and become one of many counterpoints of spiritual light to push back the darkness.

I can choose to welcome new life into my inner darkness. So I relax and let go of the burdens. Then I turn my eyes to the child Jesus in silent expectation, waiting to be filled with light and hope because it is Advent, the brink of Christmas, a festival of light, joy and peace on earth. If we are open and humble, the flames of the Advent candles shine as beacons of hope in the darkness, symbols... Read More

Matt Stolhandske is a board member of Evangelicals for Marriage Equality and a contributor to The Purple Elephant. However, that is not why he is in the spotlight. What makes him controversial? Matt wants to give $150,000 to the Kleins, a couple in Oregon, who had to shut down their bakery business after being slapped with a fine for discrimination; they refused to provide services to a gay couple getting married.

“I’m also an evangelical Christian. I can’t understand why the Kleins or any other Christians twist the words of Jesus Christ to justify this behavior. To me, it’s a deeply... Read More

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