Sunday, September 23, 2018

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You are man within a real man…you are not an accident…you are not destined to suffer…you have avenues…you have options…Life is full of alternatives…Sing a song for yourself…I am not into sermons …I am talking to myself and isn’t this is your voice too…what we are harping for and why we are insisting to prove …nothing my friend…nothing…just for one day look into your gains and losses…Gains are much more, then say loudly that to hell with the loss…I need to move forward…No matter what may come remember the basic instinct of yours…you don’t want pains…you want happiness…you wish to be jubilant... Read More

The last drop of sunshine flickering through branches being swept by autumnal breezes found its way to my kitchen window last evening. It burst in a sudden twinkling on the glass of my kitchen window and like a gem touched by sun, it blinked and flickered all around me… like a pot of gold; like delightful wee stars playing on my hair and on walls and floor… it was truly an enchanted moment. It was Nature gently calling my attention—I should’ve known. I had this feeling that something extraordinary was about to take place in the garden. But I was too distracted with blogging to pay attention,... Read More

I caught myself writing one of those lists that we are supposed to make, you know, those sets of goals and directions that the experts say we should compile to help give us direction and to set guideposts to see whether or not we are achieving our goals.

I had a few things written down and then stopped. I didn’t want to do this. It felt an incredible act of hubris and even violence to myself and my worldview. There’s something that strikes me incredibly arrogant to assume that what we call the future is manageable and controllable, just another tool to be wielded in our endless pursuit... Read More

I want fire in my eyes and thunder in my steps.

I want to rise every morning with hope in each breath.

Fire of compassion, thunder of faith.

No sigh of compromise, just strength to create.

First written:

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Recovery is a four letter word. Not the cliché' “recovery” like addicts use, but, the kind of recovery that every successful and joyful human being has to initiate on a regular basis. Having the tenacity to lay down a bad relationship and carry on, face a business mistake or failure and come back to win, publicly humiliate yourself and still hold your head up high and have a life well lived and be the envy of all your naysayers.

This ability to come back from the edge is indispensable to living your life with happiness and accomplishment. It is the essence of all joy and success.... Read More

I wrote this piece ten years ago, in the weeks following 9/11. Nothing has changed for me.

I have been a committed atheist for forty-eight years, never wavering in my firm belief that God makes a wonderful crutch, a way to avoid responsibility for our part in life’s suffering. At first, when the towers fell along with everyone in them, my anger and pain sang of a Godless heap where the southern tip of Manhattan meets the river. Over the next few weeks, as the anger has been replaced with stories from the survivors, I find myself dusting off the empty shelves of my soul to make room for... Read More

I bear wounds that seem to never heal, a constant pain that surrounds all my reality. Where will I go from it? What will I do with it? Pain is my fuel to stoke the fires of excellence and success. Without it, I am powerless before pleasure, seduced to be complacent. Embrace your weakness, it is your greatest power. I bear the marks of life's whips in a uniquely exquisite pattern. So beautiful their ragged trails, making a name for myself, survivor. Who can argue with my experience? To excel you must accept your own pain. You must use it, not fight it. When you fight it, hide from... Read More

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