Thursday, July 19, 2018

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I was looking for a testing ground. Where to prove, that people would be able to see how my techniques worked. I was looking maybe at putting a film together. I would talk to people about the film idea what they thought. How to move within the team without treading on toes. Then I thought I was in the wrong example. I had fallen inside the biggest gang without knowing. We were putting the finishing edges to Act and Grow Rich. It was coming together nicely. We were putting our heads together to have the ability to explain the simple rules that many people in the past I believe had not... Read More

Many people never listen to themselves. Have you noticed. They are so negative always dwelling on the negative parts of life.

It is so important when you decide to be positive in your own life that your body language, thoughts and language to others or even your own dreams are all positive.

People are amazed at my positivity however it is not just about being positive. By being sure, you have exerted with your own confidence you haven't weighed anyone else down with your problems. They are still there. Like I have problems however I haven't found a problem that I haven't... Read More

Have you smoked for a long time, well Sophie had smoked most of her life. Catching a cigarette off her father when he wasn't looking for as long as she can remember. I came across Sophie some time back, she was wanting to give up the cigarettes however she wouldn't read even the program. Her mindset, she couldn't see herself a non smoker. Nor would she even think about it.

Her daughter read the book and loved it, utilising the psychology within the book. Well, her mother didn't know for a while. This psychology the daughter Tia, utilised for other people and within a little while... Read More

It felt like summer this past weekend; high temperatures as we haven’t seen around here for this time of year since 1934—surely a record on these chilly mountains of ours. And gardening was truly a delight. Although I’d have to say, we worked like mastodon work horses from early morning to late evening cleaning, repainting the porch’s floors, planting and taking out old bushes that were originally planted in the wrong spot, dividing, mending and replacing all the sprinklers that had broke down over the winter—mud in my face and hair, mud in my hands and feet.

Are you like that too?... Read More

Then Jesus came to them and said, “All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me. Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age.” – Matthew 28:18-21

While I don’t comprehend fully why some things happen, and some don’t, I do believe God is always with me, even in those moments when the grey claims the day, and the bleak overwhelms the week, just as much as on the days where... Read More

This story is such a vague memory I almost can't recall the details of hearing it.

But the story, I'll never forget.

I do remember sitting in the living room when I first heard it, watching TV in the rented house I shared with my first husband, a drafty wooden one-story with a giant single-pane glass window that looked onto Delaware Drive in San Mateo. I know I was in that house because I remember the gold velveteen of the borrowed sofa underneath me. I kept petting the prickly nap of the cheap fabric as I prayed nervously, desperately, after hearing the story. Back in those... Read More

In 'Life Cycles' terms you may have noticed that occasionally I make reference to more than one 'significant year' in the life of the person I am analysing. That is; more than one 'Year of Revolution' (eg. what happened at 24 and then maybe 36 or 48) and more than one 'Year of Broken Pathway' (eg. what happened at 19 and 31 or maybe 43). Why would I do this? Well the answer is simple:- If your life is lived in 12 year cycles that are the same, then maybe there is some similarity between the events in your life 12 years apart. I am always careful to add the qualification, that it will be broadly... Read More

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